August 30, 2007

What are we Designed for

Human beings are strong creatures… maybe the strongest ever in this planet… they have overcome WARS, NATURAL DISASTERS, DEATH, SICKNESS, even LIFE itself… and in each event, they have proved well that they can carry on no matter what

Human beings are designed to carry loads of responsibilities… of others and toward others

Human beings are designed to survive … to stand before the tornado of life, which squeeze their faith… and test their humanity

But they were never designed to be lonely… to walk the line without interaction and support of other humans

That's why it is so hard to survive death of a beloved one, and for me… it is almost impossible to survive my breakup

It is about a year now

And I am still stunned, can’t really understand what happened…

Can’t bare the feeling of loneliness that burn my senses after he left

I feel empty

Walk with an invisible hole in my soul

Yes I am designed to do wonders

Threw spells of magic

Take enormous responsibilities on my shoulder, as Atlas did with the globe before

Inspire others

Support in whatever till the end of times

Care, share, and listen

But… and I am ashamed to admit it!

Am not designed to be alone

Am not designed to be without him

“Human beings are designed for many things… but loneliness is not one of them”

Desperate Housewives Quote


He & She said...

Well, I really resepect those kind of feelings. I respect more, those who admit their weakness. I live it with you but, "you are not designed to be lonely" is one thing and "you are not designed to live without him" is another thing. You got to sit with yourself and answer this crucial question because it is the key to the solution. You need to move on. Well you go back and beg him to stay? or well you throw away the dust of this experience and open your heart, your soul and your skin pores to the coming one? Remember, those experiences acts like a sand paper that smoothen and polish our surface so we can be shiny and clear to ourselves and to the others

الكونتيسة الحافية said...

My dear Friend

Alone is not necessarily a bad thing.. try to embrace it and make use of it to clear your thoughts and find out what you need to do next..

may you heal your wounds soon


Fady Anwar said...

we are desinged to exist
we just exist

الشنكوتي الكبير said...

My lady it's the first time that your words hearts me may be because you are suffering from much pain
I know it hearts but try to think of every one of us as a friend of you to weep a little bit of your loneliness
And always remember he is not the last one
Your true love is coming soon on his flying begasos so please stand up and get ready he doesn't have much time to wait for your crying he is in a hurry because he already booked you tow a ticket for the happiness kingdom
Come on get dressed and follow him

Anonymous said...

I agree with Elshankooty Elkabier 100%

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dear He & She
first allow me to thank you for the lovely comment; and let me tell you that you have pointed at a very important thing!

loneliness is something, and living without him is something... but i guess they intersect at a certain point, specially that he was filling my life... but now that he is gone, i need to fill the emptiness inside...

of course i will never go back and beg... so that left me with moving on.

thanks again and waiting always for more of you

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

dear الكونتيسة الحافية
you are absolutely right, i need to think about what's next... instead, of what happened previously with my life

it is a hard thing to do!
requires immense will, and strength ... and i hope i can make it

thanks for passing by, and wish to read more at your blog

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

dear fady anwar

i like your statement "we are designed to exist"

but you have ignored an important question "exist to do what!"

everything in this universe exist, for a reason ... so do we and all the kind of feelings that god gave us, are reasons to do what we are meant to

if we hate, so we kill, and start wars

if we love, so we spread joy, and beauty

if we are lonely, we search for partners to continue our existence

and so on :)

thanks for passing by and hope to see more of you

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

dear shankoty

thanks for your warm feelings dear...

you have told me a prophecy or what ?! :)

i hope what you say come true, but i have one comment: i will never get into another story unless i am done with this one... so i would return to be a woman again, instead of a shadow

thanks for everything

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

dear anonymous

thanks for passing by, and your opinion, but wish you leave a name next time :)

Arabic ID said...

I am really touched with your words about loliness ,

Actually we designed to not hold against lonliness, lonliness is one of our weak-points,
but there is acutally any lonliness if we considered the existing of honest hearts around us, lovers, friends, family... even our souls.

He & She said...

One very important thing in this phase of you life. You feel you need somebody to fill the empty space left inside you. You rush, and the urge makes you accept anybody who comes, anbody who is available, anybody who comes first and anyone who knocks your door. Then...... YOU REGRET IT. Don't rush. Hold yourself together like a strong woman and turn your radar senstivity to the maximum so you can pick the best option you get. Remeber not to think of him only as a lover. Look at him as a honest, strong, successful and stable person who would be your future partner forever, father of your kids and most important of all a reliable end of life partner. Good luck. Remember, many of the very good, honest and reliable husbands were not good lovers. Dont worry. You will find him. El reggala 3ala afa meen ya sheel

the last of the mohicans said...

dear egyptiana,
i thought long and hard wheather to comment on this post or not?!
since i like you and i like your writing it's very hard for me to be a nutral party in this matter, and ironicly i have nothing to add but to agree with the majority of the respected commentators.
however your response to one of the comments that you (will never get into another story unless i am done with this one...) is self decieving because you are done with this one as far as the other party is concerned!!
as they say in the argentinian dance it takes two to tango.

Anonymous said...

my dearest miss egyptiana

i felt sad reading this post
i know how it feels to lose a beloved one,carrying this hole inside of us that nobody can fill

but is there a way u can be together again?im sorry if im intruding in something im not supposed to
we cant open our hearts to new love before finishing with the past or at least become netural to it
can u do this dear?

lost within said...
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lost within said...

Hey there :D
It is almost a year since u broke up with him..... why do u perceive it this way? :D look at it from another angle!! It is a year free from him! this who can't be with me is someone with whom I can't be and without whom I'll be liberated and ready to find the one who is willing to be there with me till the end of time!!!
We exist for a bunch of stuff, well this whole cosmo thingy is designed for us to find ourselves and know who we are...If we lived our lives crying over a passer by then we won't be living this life to the fullest... this passer by did what he was supposed to do in ur life , he fulfilled the purpose for which he existed in ur world and now his mission there is over , he can be there in ur life no longer , simply bcause he wasn't meant to be in ur life any more!!! U 2 were stations in each other's life ....they say that we only live once but if we do it correctly once is enough...Ur friends pointed it out loud and clear...Embrace ur fate and let go of what passed by...

Your now acting wise -loving friend,
* I will not use the term : Dr.Waed unitll u get ur PHD :D see how nice I am :P*

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dear Arabic ID

thanks for your lovely comment, and i do agree with you that we wont face loneliness if we consider all the kind hearts around us

that is if they exist!!
a lover can leave
freinds and familly are getting busy with their own lives

that leave us with our own souls ... that truly keep me company in all my own world but ...

can this overcome the urge for his existence? if u truly love someone, nothing can substitute his place

thanks for passing by dear... waiting always for more of you

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dear He and She

heheheh seems you misunderstood me, i am not searching for any one to fill the space... actually i am not searching for anyone at all

i enjoy being single at this phase, for i cant get into another story before i settle this one

but thanks for the tip anway

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

dear last of the mohicans

i am not at all deceiving myself... maybe the other concerned party is done, but he is still hunting me

i am working on it, but it is gonna some time :)

wish everything in life is like a tango dance !!

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

dearest ever agenda
thanks for your warm feelings...

there is nothing left dear, and my only choice is to move on, and i am glad you understand how hard it!!!

for our hearts is not like bottles of water, that can be easily filled, and easily emptied

i know i can! but i need long time to end this process

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

beloved DR waed :)
your so optimistic, and have deep understanding and faith in life

as a knight, i hate to surrender, an let go... i hate to loose any of my battles.. even if it is to against myself ...

but as you said he is not meant to be here any longer, so i have to win in this battle against myself and turn my weakness into strength

thanks for everythign dear and waiting always for more of you

lost within said...

Since I couldn't send u the songs I thought I could send u the lyrics!!

The timeless Bon Jovi and "welcome to wherever you are" :

Maybe we're all different
But we're still the same
We all got the blood of Eden running to our veins
I know sometimes it's hard for you to see
You cought between just who you are and who you want to be

If you feel alone and lost and need a friend
Remember every new beginning is some beginning's end

Welcome to wherever you are
This is your life, you made it this far
Welcome, you got to believe
That right here right now you're exactly where you're supposed to be
Welcome to wherever you are

When everybody's in and you're left out
And you feel drowning in a shadow of the dawn
Everyone's a miracle in their own way
Just listen to yourself not what other people say

When it seems you're lost alone and feeling down
Remember everybody's different, just take a look around

Welcome to wherever you are
This is your life, you made it this far
Welcome, you got to believe
That right here right now you're exactly where you're supposed to be
Be who you want to be, be who you are
Everyone's a hero, everyone's a star

When you want to give up and your heart's about to break
Remember that you're perfect, God's make no mistakes
* I just love this part :D*

Welcome to wherever you are
This is your life, you made it this far
Welcome, you got to believe
That right here right now you're exactly where you're supposed to be
Welcome to wherever you are
This is your life, you made it this far
(I say welcome) Welcome to wherever you are
This is your life, you made it this far (welcome)