April 18, 2011

Welcoming Spring

I always had a certain weakness towards Spring

Its the revival season .. in which the earth go young again .. and all creatures celebrates with a fertility rituals






I decided to celebrate myself .. bought a BASIL plant ..

Generally ... to add some green to my life

Symbolically .. to revive my weary self .. and help me to face the sun again

Spiritually .. it is a
Holy Basil worshiped by the hindu .. it represents represents purity, serenity, harmony, luck, happiness and good health.

Promise to my plant ... i will love and cherish you always

My Strange Idea for Today

I MUST find spiritual symbols in everything


Nemo Nobody said...

that will only leave you too spiritual for your own good. and you know what happens to spiritual people? they get hurt easily, so watch what you wish for :)

Miss Egyptiana said...

nemo nobody

tell me about it .. even when i adopted a normal way of life i got hurt even more ... missing my spirituality

Anonymous said...

Why did you stop writing?!

Anonymous said...

hope you are doing OK through the troubled time Egypt is enduring.

Nancytronics "Miss Egyptiana" said...

Dear anonymous.. Thx for your care... Am ok .. Doing good so far.. Hope things settle soon

Anonymous said...

It's good to know that you are safe and sound EG.