January 29, 2008

Let it Rain...

What's rain!!

Is it the tiny water drops that fall from above… fall to clean and wash the weary face of the world

Is It the pure water of the sky that hold the hand of the being and help it to get into a mysterious status of serenity, calmness, maybe little shades of sadness… sweet sadness

What is rain … truly what is rain

What is rain for you

Is it like it for me

Since I was a kid, and I always loved rain,,, loved to stretch my hand out of the window and feel the cold chilly drops on my warm tiny hands

I tried to taste it

I always thought it is holly water … why not … it comes from above… that makes it holly right?

I see an agreeing smile upon your lips… whispering yeh right J

Tell you something

I love so much the drip drip voice… and the weshhh weshhh voice… I love the fresh smell it gives to the world… and I love the song it sings with trees and blossoms … I love to walk in the rain and feel the holly water washing my face… washing away my pain.. washing away the stiffness that diseased my life

These were thoughts of years ago… but now I have a more mature perception of rain.. more mature definition… more realistic

Rain is

The tear drops of angels and fairies who live in the high clouds... they gather themselves from now and then in a hall made of crystal water over the high cloudy hills… decorated with scented flowers … the sacred frangipani…sit all together in a wide circle and cry

Cry for us

For our misery

For our loneliness

And our alienation

Cry and call our names to purify ourselves

To let go our sadness with their sadness

It cannot be more real than that … can it be!!

Let it rain … let it rain

Wash my pain

Don’t drop in vain

Let it rain let it rain

My strange idea for today:

I believe in fairies


lost within said...

أتعلمين أي حزن يبعث المطر ؟
و كيف تنشج المزاريب إذا انهمر؟
و كيف يشعر الوحيد فيه بالضياع؟
بلا انقطاع؟
كالدم المراق,كالجياع, كالحب, كالأطفال , كالموتى هو المطر....

I love rain !! It is just one of the few things left in the world that no matter how many times a day it happens , it still has the divinity of the first time!!

Again I am the first to comment :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

finding mimo said...

Dearest Egyptiana,
allow me to share these lyrics:

Here comes the rain again
Falling on my head like a memory
Falling on my head like a new emotion
I want to walk in the open wind
I want to talk like lovers do
I want to dive into your ocean
Is it raining with you.
rain can bring the deepest of emotions, sadness or happenies, hope all your days will be of the later.

best regards

Arabic ID said...

Dear Egyptiana
Rain is a blessing from god it contains mercy in every drop
but what about killing storms,and snowings?
are they holy to? I belive that the holy in this all issue is the mercy we feel
I don't like to say that in this crule way
any how I love rain, and especially wihchcompined eith thunder and lightining, although I fear them
I hear the sound calls my name, and the light is playing with me
huh, what a silly.
I remmber I walked in rain it was raining massively and I was happy for that.

you are a such beautiful poet

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Lost within الغالية

تسعدنى كلماتك
تجعلنى انتعش... تماما مثل وقع المطر على اوراق الشجر

لا يختلف اثنان عن معنى المطر، روحانيته، براءة قطراته وهى تقبل وجه العالم قبلة حياة وموت

رسالة رحمة من الله
كم احبه وافتقده

اه يا عزيزتى اثارت كلماتك فى نفسى الشجون
لكنى اشكرك على كلماتك الجميلة ودوما فى انتظارك

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dearest ever finding mimo

what a lovely lyrics... sweet, true, full of emotions

i loved the part when saying:
here comes the rain again
falling on my head like a memory

i dunno why rain trigger old memories, and forgotten faces ???

thanks again dear, and wish always to see more of you

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dearest Arabic ID

and you are such a sensitive person ... what i love the most about you is the way you feel elements of nature, the way you appreciate life, and the way you taste simple things

god bless you sweetthing

and always waiting for you

ps: i fear thunder too, the anger of the sky ...

Rania said...

i love walking in the rain
so no one knows iam crying

قطرات المطر تتساقط
فتبعث بداخلناالشجن
والحب ايضا
و الم الفراق
و الاشتياق


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

العزيزة رانيا

سطور قليلة لخصت كل المشاعر المتباينة التى اعانى منها عند رؤية المطر ... وعندما اشم رائحة الهواء المعبأ برقصات الاشجار وغناء الرياح

اشكرك على مرورك ... هى المرة الاولى لك فى مدونتى واتمنى الا تكون الاخيرة

تحياتى يا عزيزتى وفى انتظارك دوما

سمـــــــــــا said...
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سمـــــــــــا said...

Dearst Good Soul

At first thx. for you interest & asking about me & nardin and our blog , we already closed it as u saw , but we still in touch with your lovely blog ya gamil :)

I like this subject because I love raining so much :

When I was a kid and till teenager I used to walk under rain , I was feeling so happy like I broke my chains and feel free , I used to walk alone feeling that lovely cold pure air after raining . I enjoyed the empty streets with a few people surrounded . I felt I'm the ,owner or the princess of this empty world , this feeling always makes me smiling while walking :)


Still enjoying raining but some times that causing not going to work because of bad street as u know. I satisfied now watching raining behind my window or meet my lover Nardin and enjoying rains but under my umbrella :)

I really love holding the umbrella & the drops sound above that makes me happy don't know why

But in all cases still smiling when it raining ( embarrassed face )


warmest regards ya gamil

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Sweet Sama

lovely feelings
we all share it

rain, the mysterious drops from heaven, carry sweet songs, purify our minds, wash the anger away frorm the face of the world

i use to do so ... walk under rain... feel it inside .. and guess what, i smile too when it rain... and pray to god for the good

thanks for sharing your thougths, and all my regards to you and Nardine

keep in touch, miss you girlz

Tabitha said...

People should read this.

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...


Thanks for your compliment .. god bless you