September 10, 2007

I love you... But do i trust you?!

It is know that love is associated with other feelings… joy, happiness, sometimes anger and hate… but I won’t talk about any of these… I am here to focus on only one corner-stone feeling in any relationship… which is trust!

The more the couple are in love, the more they trust each other... everyone agree with that?

Ok! here is my strange idea... by observing, thinking, and experiencing I found out that…

The more we love… the less we trust

The less we love... The more we trust

Yeh yeh! I know the flow of thoughts that push on your brain, but allow me to explain my strange idea… and the logic that I have based it upon.

It happens; mainly due to unbalanced degree of love between couples… moreover, the degree of romance each of the couple has.

In order to clarify my theory, let’s imagine that we have two persons, (A) and (B), who are in love; and let’s assume that (A) loves (B) more

Believing in the great love, and the high expectation that (A) has… a bitter feeling starts to dominate in (A)’s heart, thinking that the given love is not met by the proper degree, gratitude, and feelings… (A) then starts to misinterpret any word or action made by (B), which raise arguments, thus loss of faith and trust in the partner, and the relationship as a whole

Vice versa

As (B) loves (A) moderately, normally maybe practically… we will find that (B) has no problem at all in trusting (A)... Knowing the degree of (A)’s love… which became much more than just love… it becomes kinda worshiping, and adoration… things are taken for granted, knowing that (A) would do anything for (B)

Now! Are you (A) or (B)?

Sometimes (A)… loves more and suffers

Sometimes (B)… loves less and suffers

Sometimes (C)… What I didn’t mention this one??!!

Oh! Sorry … (C) is the one who experience zero degree of both values


Absolute neutral feelings, enjoyed by singles

I know what some may say, if the degree of love is not the same, so it is not a true love… common!!! That is not real life talk… we all know in a way or another the degree of love will never be the same, and the best we can hope for is to have the minimum possible difference!

And yes there are many types of love, platonic love, balanced romantic love, normal love, practical love …. You name it … it depends on the personality of the person!!!

So again which one you have experienced before? And is experiencing now!!


Arabic ID said...

Dear Egyptiana

are you talking sanely or insanely???

if you are talking sanely, so the men are loving in practical of course and a lot of caring and giving in material is expected, and woman loves in emotions and platonic way and worshiping is expected due to their needing and because they owning beauty and softness,they are their important....( I can't figure a name) but let me say they are their part of effecting the relation "in material", but in the feeling they both have the ability to love each other at same levels but how to express the emotions?,
it defers from one to another,

about your equations
more love =less trust
absolutely not ,

more love = more depending, more needing and more trusting

less love = self Dependant , free of obligations, and free to breakup any time

didn't you hear that more responsibilities means more love, how would a child grow if his responsibility doesn't mean more love in his parents hearts...? , how would you care for a sick partner, if his responsibility doesn't mean more loving him..?

think again

trust becomes before love in a situation of relationship, but love makes the trust being a natural response for your partners faults in your side,
warning : don't mean blind trust

اجندا حمرا said...

my dearest miss egyptiana

such a wonderful topic

as i always say love cant be measured like the song love story said(love can not be measured by the hours of a day)

we dont have a balance we put love on it and see how it weigh right?

if im talking about the love im living and experiencing i would say that we do care a lot about each other
we can never allow a day to pass by and we r upset from each other
it doesnt matter who starts to apologize because what really matters is that we stay together no matter what
true love is hard to find so we shouldnt allow it to pass by and we dont make all the efforts to save it
life is full of ups and downs no one said it will be always rosey but we should be ready to face anything and everything together
trust is a main thing in the relationship
i mean it is on top of the list
if u have watched the series the l word there is a quote i loved and it has some relation with what we r talking about
one of the characters said to his friend who was about to marry his gf if u dont trust her dont marry her
marriage is such a scared connection between two without trust it can never exist
trust is built over time and the way we deal with our beloved ones is what shapes this trust
i wish u love my dear
thank u for the wonderful topic as usual u never fail to amaze me with your topics allow me also to wish u a happy ramadan wee kol sana wenti taiba
im sorry if i was talkative but u know i like reading your wonderful writings
best regard to u miss egyptiana

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

dear Arabic ID
as far as i remember, i wrote this article while i was sane, and with a clear mind

alas you talk with idealistic logic, that fits with love ideas... but i am talking real life dear, and note that i have mentioned that this feeling is due to the unbalance between the degree of love between both parties

i guess you have mixed between care and share, and duties... duties or responsibilities that comes out of social aspects mainly...

and i know people who love but not being responsible...

thanks for sharing your thoughts and waiting always for more of you

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

beloved agenda
the blog is yours, and i love reading your long rich comments

as for trust and relationships ... they are necessary, i would dare saying... it is a must

but trust comes out of of the security sense... and if it doesnt exist, there would be no need for the relation as a whole

i have written this post out of experience, as i have noticed that if the love is unbalanced, trust will never be a component in the relationship... though it doesnt mean that there is no love

i used to love my ex greatly, but i hardly trusted him...

thanks for passing by dearesr ever, we kol sana we enty tayeba

Arabic ID said...

I didn't mean that you sane or not .

I meant sanely love or insanely love..?
and yes it is real life for pure honest people , but who deceives their selves claiming to be aggressive is the best behavior in this life and the takers not giving people... and any not pure people and even practical persons... how can they find a meaning depends on their feelings..
I wonder..??!!

I even wonder how can a successful business man or woman be in love, without losing a part of its meaning, I couldn't find out..

I remember a lot of times which I went to work late because I went to meet my wife.. of course before marriage , and a lot of times I spent a lot of money on phone calls ,.. because I hadn't a mobile.., I am not sorry for any of those but it was my apologize for not being with her all the day..

dear egyptiana,.. I wonder.. would you be sorry if you lived a love like that?? would you find your self losing not winning? , it is the kind of hearts you met not the meaning of love that hurt you?

trust ..? for the trust thing. before our marriage and even our engagement , I left every Penny I earned with her, you might think of it as just money , but for a person who builds and starting his life it my whole life and my earnings tiring and traveling and even not buying anything for myself, every penny I mean literally... is this what about caring ? caring for her feelings and health and even her absence..?

dear Egyptiand let us don't spoil a good meaning , we are in need for it..

Sherif said...

Egyptianna ..
Have you ever been in love before ?
I mean true love ? cause this has nothing to do with formulas ..
Real passion comes when you are only prepared to give..
Simply ..altruism ..
I'm aquarian too ..I only live in future..
If you are interesed in funny but real situation in life ..I'll be more than happy to invite you to my blog

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dear arabic ID

:)it is the heart i met, not love ... mmm, well although i was talking generally ... but you have a valid point of view...

still dear you judge through your own experience, which i pray to god to last till eternity...

but there are other examples out there

love and trust are two beautiful meanings, when they are looked at individually

but when they collide, here come the difficulty to reach balance

they dont lead to each other dear .. and even if .. at a certain point it may be lost ..

i am not trying to ruin any good meanings .. they are already ruined by man.

lets hope that we are able to keep the purety of it inside our heart :)


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dear sherif

"Real passion comes when you are only prepared to give"

and it is lost when the person only take and never appreciates

thanks for passing by, and wish to see you more often

Anonymous said...

Good night!