October 08, 2007

The Model of Innocence

Pure look

Milky face

Young face

Glowing skin like twinkling stars

Beautiful smile

Innocent deep eyes

Cherry lips

Draw a perfect model for innocence

Theoretically the way a person look may truly reflect who he/she really is… but beware... dont take it as a solemn fact... we need to look deeper and closer to know the hidden truth within… or we would be faced by another face screaming “I am not that innocent”

October 03, 2007

The Life Story

Our lives is woven with words that make one long story

The story is made of many many flowing chapters

Every chapter has a beginning and an ending

Through those chapters, our days flow… our fate is sealed… our future is drawn

Some chapters may glow with love and beauty… spread all the good feelings to bless the other chapters, and even affect the next chapters to be better, to be written with butterfly wing, and flower juice… carries the song of heaven, and the sweet taste of happiness.

Alas such chapters are short… never last… and the impact never sustain time

Some other chapters are seen as mistakes, where you can smell smoke and fire… taste blood… listen to cries and sounds of battles… such chapters pour darkness around and ruin any attempt for survival

Alas such chapters are long long longer than time… always last till the last breath… you can find its traces on all the coming pages… yes it may fade away, but it will always be there

Some chapters are just a separator between two chapters, draw an end, and open arms for a beginning

I have lived a story, a dark painful story, that spill its darkness over the pages of my book… ruin any attempt for good… my story back to me... and thing end up by emphasizing on one fact: My Happiness Never Last… and pain will always come from any corner to ruin it

That is my strange idea for the day

Which chapter you have lived and impacted your life until the day of reading those lines.

“Anyone would run away from your story”

words that pierced my heart, and after them I will never be the same.