June 15, 2015

Simple Pleasures of Life

It doesn't have to be fancy
It doesn't have to be complicated
It only needs to be real ... to be one of the simple pleasures of life

Someone told me don't wait to reach perfect happiness ... cause you will not ... no matter how hard you work ... no matter how long you go ... you will not reach what humans call ... HAPPINESS

Life is not about happiness ... it is about living good ... and enjoy every day as it is ... and every simple pleasure that comes your way ... after sometimes they will accumulate ... build a fortress of pinkish positive lovely energy ... only then you will feel nourished .. you will feel HAPPY 

a cup of tea with a loved one 
a movie you like
a restaurant you have a memory in
a special night
moon light 
a word

Enjoy one thing at a time
Enjoy one thing every day
Enjoy the simple pleasures of life

My strange Idea of Today: 
Enjoy ... for REAL