March 30, 2008

Life is ...

Life is like an Intercourse :)

Sometimes it is soft and joyful !!

Sometimes it is rough and awarding !!!

but most of the time ...... it is a TOTAL RAPE :(

My Strange Idea for today

Enough ... Pls

March 24, 2008

Shower Thoughts

Last night I went to shower with a strange mood… blank mind, yet full of flashing ideas… don’t ask me how… it is exactly how I felt… I cannot express it any better or any less

Unlike my usual shower attitude, I laid down in the bathtub… let hot delicious water pour over me… enjoy the sweet feeling of relaxation it generates – to both my Body and Soul.

Only then, my flashes start to get clearer… and my shower thoughts pour all over me just like the hot water.

The water is almost under my chin… I lay further… let the water cover my hair and ears… only my nose and eyes are above the surface… starring at the ceiling… and the drops of water hanged there, wishing for a proper burial in my hand made sea.

Listen to my heavy breathing
Listen to the sound of life coming out of me

I wonder! Here and now, in this typical place for committing suicide
What can ever stop me from cutting my veins? I have access to razors, seems very tempting… huh
Or even lay down and breath water… allow the element of life and death to pour inside me … wash me … fill me
Maybe a little electric device … et voila… I am dead

Why death seems a very tempting idea now!
Why can't I end my life as simple as that
Ending life is so easy
Starting life is almost impossible

The idea is devouring me… leaving no space at all… my breathing gets heavier.. I fought to stand and looked around with amazement… strange thoughts are coming to me nowadays

I started to wash my weary body; it feels good when I am clean, smells like sweet heavenly strawberries… I stared to the mirror in front of me… wondering .. It is so easy to clean the dirt outside … but what can ever clean the dirt inside!!!

My strange Idea for Today

My Bathroom is Hunted … with my others' Thoughts!!!!!!!!!

March 21, 2008

It's Mother's Day

The 21st of March… The first day of the beautiful reviving spring… my sister’s birthday… and of course… Mother’s day.

It is a day full of life… a symbol of birth, and fertility

A day when Mother earth give birth to a new face, for the aged world, worn out by winter

A day when flower blossoms start to crawl over tree branches, coloring our busy days…

A day when I smile and secretly wish for a happier time … smelling the scent of life emerging from everything around.

Maybe that is why this day is chosen to celebrate the mother’s day!

Mother’s day… I rather call it … The Day of the Feminine power

Power to give life

To change hard conditions into favorable ones

To contain the whole world with all its complications in between our tiny hands

To guide the human souls with ideas, and secretly hidden intelligence

To fight for the best of our beloved

To sacrifice ceaselessly with all what we own... even ourselves

Mother’s day, is every woman’s day… for being a mother is a built in feature, god planted its seed… and let it grow into a great sacred tree

A tree that feed, shade, spill wisdom, and give pleasure

I dedicate today’s greetings to:

Every mother on earth or up in heaven – May god bless their tender souls

Every Girl/Woman:

who takes care of her parents

who take cares of her brothers and sisters

who shares to put a smile on the face of poor and orphans

who contains and love her man (bf, husband ..)

who feeds an animal and show mercy to all god’s creatures

who cherish friendship and is always around to spread cheers, and contain tears and fears

Every Girl/Woman who knows the true meaning of being a woman… of being the bearer of the feminine power… and realizes the gift that changed the face of the world.

All men who curse women… who are too arrogant, and afraid to admit our sacred power … remember that Adam asked God for Eve - *wink

So happy Mother’s day my fellow females … May god bless our feminine powers inside.

My strange Idea for today

We are all mothers

March 02, 2008

What Do I Know About Sadness!!?

Sadness is a grave ... I dug with my own hands

Lay there helpless ... lay there senseless

Sadness is the feeling when silence fill my eyes... ears... mouth...

while i stand watching my own self fading and unable to do anything about it

Sadness is the blood that flows out of my veins

Paint the world with my colors

and leave me gray

Sadness is the unknown path in mysterious lands

Dark trees ... filled with tortured souls

Precarious ground that swallows my steps

No sound

No one around

Just a thin cloud of foggy feelings

Sadness is the unanswered questions

Flying in the crystalline space

Wishing to be reunited with their answers

Sadness is about loss

Sadness is gray

Sadness is facing the truth

Sadness is a pray

Sadness is consuming me

claiming me as a prey

What do i know about sadness

What do YOU know about sadness?!

My strange idea for today:
Sadness is a Disease ... With no CURE