July 25, 2007

Flavor of Life

Have you ever thought of your flavor of life?

Maybe I should start by telling first what a flavor of life is!!!

A flavor of life is your own flavor…

Still not clear!!!.... Ok read this:

I always thought that while creation, god put few drops of certain elements of nature, on the substance that made our bodies… to which the person would eternally belong, and his body responds!!!

That is why; sometimes you may feel that your body would interact with certain elements than others; For me I feel that my body doesn’t like different types of oils, such as almond, or olive oil… they make me feel weird and uncomfortable... as they are too complicated with too many molecules than I can handle or bare, besides they are extracted from other elements… so they seem to me as their shadows…

I am more into natural true elements… with their primary form, such as: Milk, Honey, Jasmine, Sacred Frangipani,

How did I know that?

Easy, for example, when I use cosmetics extracted from such materials, or consume them in different ways… I feel happy, as if a magical cheerful feeling slip into my soul and put a smile of satisfaction upon my face…

I feel that my body cells love them, sing for them, and feel so good, healthy, bright, shining, and extra soft with them…

I have tried rose's extracts, and other fruit extracts… but milk, honey and jasmine are my favorite ever… with them I feel as if I am going back to my first form, a substance mixed with beautiful elements of life.

Now can you tell what your flavor of life is??? :)

July 19, 2007

The Symbol

Tattoo has been always a secret wish of mine, and alas I can't do it for several reasons; but that didn’t stop me from wondering what if I can make one… which shape I will choose.

Sometimes I feel like a dragon, some others a butterfly, a little heart, or whatever Celtic shape... But…

I never found myself in any of them… for a tattoo must be symbolic for something inside, a believe, a wish... I dunno… it has to be so personal… so much ME

Until that day….

I was so depressed, crying over old papers… out of anger I held my pen and draw something over my ankle… strangely I felt myself in that little drawing… couldn’t at that time figure out what it was… maybe that is why I decided to study symbols, both religious and artistic…

After lots of readings, and examining many different symbols I realized the hidden meaning of my little drawing… and not just that, but I worked on enhancing it and formulate a meaning of my own... once I am done … I felt that this symbol is me … and I truly belong to its magic… so I decided to get a non toxic black pen and draw it myself every day on my left ankle … that may sound childish … but I truly feel myself with its existence, feel powerful, and protected

Can you see my symbol in this picture below

As noticed it is very simple, and may seem as an ordinary cross to others, but the hidden meanings are more powerful… maybe that is why it is a symbol J … to hide the meaning within, and send people's mind to other directions but the enlightened…

But here, I will reveal the hidden meaning starting with:

The Cross: a reflection of the Ankh "key of life in ancient Egyptian legends"; the horizontal line symbolize the feminine power, and the vertical line symbolize the masculine power, together they represent the sacred union of man and woman which refer to the creation and birth of the universe…

The Four Dots: referred to the four elements of life, Water, Earth, Fire and Air (that was easy)

Why Dots (circle shape): because the circle is a feminine symbol, and also refers to endlessness… so the elements are endlessly generated and protected by the feminine powers

Why in My Left Ankle: symbol of alienation as right is right for some

And Why Ankle: to be near the main vein of life

Simple and not complicated at all… So tell me dear, what is your symbol!!!

July 04, 2007


Four letters… one word

One word… owned a whole world

A whole world… based on one divine word

One word… made of four letters

Love has tricked me... with the evil within:

L: was Labeled as private properties, Lonely with and without him, Leaned on for every single detail of our relationship, Lamented the loss of my life till my eyes went dry

O: Obey all his wishes and commands, Owned as a vase, or in a better word as a pet, accept Offense to my womanhood and all what makes me me

V: Violation of my past, present, and future

E: The END of love relationship left me Empty, Enclosed, Embittered, Enraged, and Estranged

Might be overreacting, and exaggerating… but I am devastated… can fire give anything but smokes and ashes!!!!


this blog was forgotten... and by coincidence i found it... will i continue or stop... maybe and maybe not

ps: the used graphic is my own creation, hope you find it nice and expressive