July 19, 2007

The Symbol

Tattoo has been always a secret wish of mine, and alas I can't do it for several reasons; but that didn’t stop me from wondering what if I can make one… which shape I will choose.

Sometimes I feel like a dragon, some others a butterfly, a little heart, or whatever Celtic shape... But…

I never found myself in any of them… for a tattoo must be symbolic for something inside, a believe, a wish... I dunno… it has to be so personal… so much ME

Until that day….

I was so depressed, crying over old papers… out of anger I held my pen and draw something over my ankle… strangely I felt myself in that little drawing… couldn’t at that time figure out what it was… maybe that is why I decided to study symbols, both religious and artistic…

After lots of readings, and examining many different symbols I realized the hidden meaning of my little drawing… and not just that, but I worked on enhancing it and formulate a meaning of my own... once I am done … I felt that this symbol is me … and I truly belong to its magic… so I decided to get a non toxic black pen and draw it myself every day on my left ankle … that may sound childish … but I truly feel myself with its existence, feel powerful, and protected

Can you see my symbol in this picture below

As noticed it is very simple, and may seem as an ordinary cross to others, but the hidden meanings are more powerful… maybe that is why it is a symbol J … to hide the meaning within, and send people's mind to other directions but the enlightened…

But here, I will reveal the hidden meaning starting with:

The Cross: a reflection of the Ankh "key of life in ancient Egyptian legends"; the horizontal line symbolize the feminine power, and the vertical line symbolize the masculine power, together they represent the sacred union of man and woman which refer to the creation and birth of the universe…

The Four Dots: referred to the four elements of life, Water, Earth, Fire and Air (that was easy)

Why Dots (circle shape): because the circle is a feminine symbol, and also refers to endlessness… so the elements are endlessly generated and protected by the feminine powers

Why in My Left Ankle: symbol of alienation as right is right for some

And Why Ankle: to be near the main vein of life

Simple and not complicated at all… So tell me dear, what is your symbol!!!


Mirage said...
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Mirage said...

What an interesting idea !

If i choose a symbole, i would choose a cross too
but for some relgional christian reasons :)

and i would draw it on my right arm

د /إياد حرفوش said...

My symbol have always been an ankh with the normal common figure with a circular upper arm, causing problems I stopped carrying it in a keychain

د /إياد حرفوش said...

under it i used to write Nezar words:
أنا الشفاة للذين مالهم شفاة
أنا العيون للذين مالهم عيون
أنا كتاب البحر للذين ليس يقرأون
أنا كما عرفتمونى دائما
هوايتى أن أكسر القانون
أنا كما عرفتمونى دائما
أكون بالشعر … وإلا لا أريد ان أكون

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dear mirage
and Dear eyad

i cant find it strange to find people tend to take the cross and all its associated shapes as symbol

تعددت الاسباب والاختيار واحد

maybe cause the cross shape has been used by almost all ancient religions, and has strong traces in the human subconscious as a holy sign that gives protection

i am trying to make a research about this issue .... and once i am done i ll try to publish it

thanks dears for your comments and waiting always for you

الشنكوتي الكبير said...

I have never imagined my self having a tattoo but I always think of it related to sex I don't know why but I like women with little heart on their skin or maybe a red rose
But if I chose one for me it will be a shield hopping that will protect me of my own fearing

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

dear shankoty

what attracted my attention in your comment is: a shield hopping that will protect me of my own fearing

to gain protection from our fears is a universal wish, yet it was never granted ...

that is why it is considered as our ultimate human wish... to find security and peace within ourselves and with the outer world

may all your fears dissolve away dear ...

الشنكوتي الكبير said...

شكرا عزيزتي على ردك الرقيق اولا وشكرا لأنك فهمتي اللي جوايه من كلمتين قولتهم
بجد تحياتي ليكي
اتمنى صداقتنا تدوم

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

the pleasure is all mine dear shankoty... with mutual wish of long prosperous freindship :)

Anonymous said...

my sweetest miss egyptiana
what an interesting post but first let me apologize for not comin from such a long time,belive me out of my will but u know how dear u r to me and how i love reading your posts always
i hope u can forgive my long silence
trying to get a tattoo has always been a secret wish for me too since a very long time
im not into piercing but getting a tattoo is something different although pain is there when u get one
due to lots of reasons i have been putting getting one off maybe because i fear pain a lot ,the fear of contracting a disease from the instruments used ,maybe i sound childish to u but this is the main reasons
about the shape of my tattoo
well like u different shapes at different times sometimes i think of having a dragon,a unique shape
but mostly i have been dreaming of getting a woman's portrait doesnt mean a naked one dont get me wrong
just a full woman shape she can be dressed lol
u know what's interesting is that i love that pic on your display so maybe she can be that shape
i like to have different tattoos on my body
one u know on the back lower back and i think that display pic of yours suits its best
another one i would love on my shoulder ,a third one on my upper arm maybe a cross or something similar
dont know why actually but i love sophisticated shapes
i loved your explaination of the meaning of the symbol u chose and it is a beautiful one btw
thank u for raising this issue i loved it as always with your posts;)
best regards to you my dear

kimo said...

mmmmmm symbol my cousin has a tattoo that is angel wings and the circle above them I loved it so much when I saw and I think I would like to have one and I think I would like to put it on the end of my neck. and your symbol is very expressive about your personaltiy just lke your writings so attahced to the elements of life

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

dearest ever agenda

i can understand why you may be away .. life and the unholy crowd sometimes pulls us away ...

fear pain is a natural thing dear, along with the list of things you mentioned, but sometimes i feel that pain purify the souls, and renew our inside faith!!! that may seem strange, but explanation requires a post :) that i will soon enshalah write

i love your choices; strength and high spirituality is flowing out of them :)

finally wanna thank you for your lovely words ... and wish we always remain connected

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dear kimo ...

i love it when you said "your symbol is very expressive about your personality just like your writings so attached to the elements of life"

the choice of your tattoo and its placement, represent a highly sensitive and pure person, who could understand how much i am attached to the different elements of life, and nature with its primitive form ...

thanks dear for passing by, and waiting always for more of you