July 25, 2007

Flavor of Life

Have you ever thought of your flavor of life?

Maybe I should start by telling first what a flavor of life is!!!

A flavor of life is your own flavor…

Still not clear!!!.... Ok read this:

I always thought that while creation, god put few drops of certain elements of nature, on the substance that made our bodies… to which the person would eternally belong, and his body responds!!!

That is why; sometimes you may feel that your body would interact with certain elements than others; For me I feel that my body doesn’t like different types of oils, such as almond, or olive oil… they make me feel weird and uncomfortable... as they are too complicated with too many molecules than I can handle or bare, besides they are extracted from other elements… so they seem to me as their shadows…

I am more into natural true elements… with their primary form, such as: Milk, Honey, Jasmine, Sacred Frangipani,

How did I know that?

Easy, for example, when I use cosmetics extracted from such materials, or consume them in different ways… I feel happy, as if a magical cheerful feeling slip into my soul and put a smile of satisfaction upon my face…

I feel that my body cells love them, sing for them, and feel so good, healthy, bright, shining, and extra soft with them…

I have tried rose's extracts, and other fruit extracts… but milk, honey and jasmine are my favorite ever… with them I feel as if I am going back to my first form, a substance mixed with beautiful elements of life.

Now can you tell what your flavor of life is??? :)


Anonymous said...

my dearest miss egyptiana who always brings nice interestinf topics:-)
u know what?this topic also speaks to me,cause i find myself drawn for example to certain aromas like certain perfumes the light ones and irritated by others.
even though i like bokhoor sticks ,im not drawn to all aromas of it,only to some like jasmine,musk and sandal
maybe the elements of life like u said have got something to do with it.u know i feel relaxed lighting anyone of them while with others i just cant be with them in the same place.
thank u miss for always bringing interesting topics:-)i enjoy reading them always;)

finding mimo said...

dear egyptiana,
this is truly cheerfull subject that touches the senses, i can smell the aroma 8000 miles away, it effected my day very positivly
i wish next time you would add peach to the mix.

lost within said...

Our flavor of life isn't always something that we smell or eat , it is something that the mere sight of it makes u feel as if flying in heaven * a bit too much*
There is an exotic thing about Chocolates that makes me float when I smell it.... Coffee is also something sanctified to me not to mention the utter sight of Jonquils and what it does to me * ba7es el narges yomathelni *

Three cheers from W3d for this amazing topic !!!

Ps: I really loved ur three blogs :D and If u do not mind I might be hanging out alot there , leaving lots and lots of comments ;)

Have a nice day ,
Waed from Jordan

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

jasmine, musk and sandal

reflections of femininity, and mystery :)

i am glad you like the topic, and i hope u start discovering more of your flavors :D

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

dear finding mimo

peach is a rich, exotic fruit dear
it is a symbol of immortality and salvation, brings joy, and protect from evil

thanks for your lovely comment and for passing by my humble blog ... a7'er el 3an2od :D

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dear Waed of Jordan

so glad to find your name shining over my blog, and even more glad that you like my words ... i truly wish to see more of you always :)

as for your flavors...
what to say, a person who secretly love life ... enjoy simple things, and have hope ...

i wish you the best always dear , and waiting for more of you :)

د /إياد حرفوش said...

Jasmine is my answer, Jasmine is the soft tender aroma that breifs human story with nature, Jasmine is the life reaction

الشنكوتي الكبير said...

As usual dear you bring up fantastic ideas any way I haven't think about this idea before but let me imagine my self I believe my flavor that my body seeks is fresh water and apple
Do you know that I heard that the reason behind the difference between people in their nature is that when he created Adam he mad him of the dirt but the dirt came from all the sights of the earth so some people are hard like rock and some are soft like soft dirt some of us is ungrateful like the bad lands
And you can imagine all kind of people

Any way great post


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dear eyad

i wouldn't say it better about jasmine :) jasmine is for people who know the secrets of life, and can see and feel what the others cant

it simply everything beautiful, with its enchanting smell and soft petals

heyy we are alike in that, and that is a good news by itself...

thanks for passing by ... wish to see you always around

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

dear shankoty

thanks a lot for your lovely comment... as for my ideas, they are coming from life ... simply :)

your choice puzzled me a little... fresh water and apples!!

they reflects a personality full of love and desires for life, and at the same time pure and clear like water!!!

contradictions within :)

Arabic ID said...


but did you mean that you attracted to the similar aroma as the one you are created from.....

or do you think that we are attracted to a different aroma than ours and which makes a good interactions with our bodies...lol.

as another question are we attracted to the person who complete our selves, or do we attract to the one who is the same as ours

nice Idea , Good post , very honest feelings....


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

dear Arabic ID... many Q.. but let me tell you what i meant from my post is that we have been created not only from mud, but also god added different substances, which exist in life ... to which we are attracted .. and our bodies interact well

it is about the integration between humans and nature ...

finally ... i am not sure about our attraction to people who are similar or different ... that would need an Alchemist :)

thanks for passing by and for you lovely comment

have a nice day