November 29, 2007

The Original Sin

Many has interpreted the Meaning of the Original Sin… as it was mainly related to eve’s response to the devil’s seduction, and reach for the forbidden fruit… thus opposing god’s will

But I have a different opinion… when I read the story of Adam and Eve, I found out that going for the forbidden fruit is not the sin itself… but it is the outcome of the sin

The real sin is that eve TRUSTED the cursed angel, which turned to be the curse of all human race

Look around before objecting… you will find that all major events in your life, others’ lives, and even in history has been affected in a way or another by TRUST… and mainly end negatively

My Strange Idea for today

TRUST is the original SIN… and we are all SINNERS

November 07, 2007

What do i Know About Success

I always thought that I know enough about success; that I have tasted its sweetness, and felt the pride it generates flowing through my veins, that gives an unusual feeling of ecstasy and amazement for the ability to overcome any obstacle no matter what it is
... I thought I know about this magical word that we chase in the desert of life… and vanquish our thirst for accomplishment…

I thought… yes I thought… Until last Sunday!!!

Dear Readers and fellow bloggers

That glorious Sunday was my graduation day, in which I have been granted my MASTERS DEGREE WITH MERIT, finally after three long years of hard working nights, and long waiting days.

You will never imagine my happiness and pride in that day… and I realized that the feeling of success I use to have is not the real thing, it was a shadow, a tasteless clone, a fake copy … but the true thing was felt that Sunday at my graduation ceremony followed by the wonderfully organized reception …

That day, showed me different aspects of success… aspects that shine like a twinkling star in a dark sky… a star that is so far away, which cannot be reached but with a dream ship, equipped with will, and stubbornness to carry on... I realized that success is just like walking through the gates of heaven, you had to suffer for a long time, till you are worthy to enter, and enjoy its blesses, and festive as heroes

They say “no pain … no gain” those few words don’t just explains how to achieve success, but carry wisdom for those who can read between lines… pain, the feeling we try to run from and avoid during the course of our lives, the feeling that strike us with no pre-notice, is the same that we practice, in order to gain

I dunno why I remember now the last scene in the movie morgan ahmed morgan… when he was chosen to say the graduates’ speech… he said that now by education he owns the world

That day, I felt I owned the world... I stepped into heaven... I reached a star and put it in a necklace around my neck

Success for me is not just about the master’s degree, it carries for me a deeper meaning, it is about:

My will and strength to carry on

Believe in myself and my ability to do anything

Believe in NIKE motto “Just Do It

Accomplish great things

To Inspire and being inspired

Give a helping hand to myself and others

Deny the myth that we have limitations in doing things

Make others proud

Reaching a milestone that will change my life

Generate feelings of strength and happiness

It is all about success… real feeling of success… the success that we know we have earned it, and not just another word in our record

Congratulate me o! Dear ones. For today… I own the world… today… I am successful

*** *** *** *** *** ***

Celebrity for a day

That great day, I was a celebrity, everybody is looking and smiling to the graduates, wave hi to them, take pictures for them, and wanna take pictures with them … standing to take the group photos while ten photographers are taking pictures for us… it was a marvelous feeling

The best part was when the families met their sons and daughters after the ceremony with tears, and smiles, and beautiful flowers… while the eyes are twinkling with one word : “you make us proud

Yes I made them proud

And I changed my life with my own hands

*** *** *** *** *** ***

And that is what I know about success :)

November 01, 2007

The Road to Femininity

The sparkles of magic within… the hidden massive power that rules the world… the endless source of pure light and delicious warmth… the brush that paints the faces of life with vivid astonishing colors… femininity, god’s grace to women

I am proud to be a woman… and I thank mighty God every day for the blessing of belonging to this beautiful race that bears life, and endless secrets within

Through my course of life, I saw many women who appreciate being women, and embrace their feminine power and tamed it for their good… while others curse it, deny it, and turn into deformed creatures that are neither feminine nor masculine, as they lose themselves and their identity; satisfied with existing for certain purposes – keeping human race - do nothing with pleasure, feel nothing with their hearts, know nothing of their inner self.

Culture, is it?

The way they have been raised, is it?

Or the savage life conditions they are going through?

Blame men is the solution!!

It is true that women are living under hostile conditions, their rights are denied, they are treated as properties to own, they have been raised with a natural feeling of guilt, and all what make them a woman is buried under thick layers of tribal code… but…we shouldn’t just put our heads in the sand and forget that a major part of the problem comes from within.

I see women walking in the street, with dark faces, and eyes that lost the beautiful sparkle of the moon, tend to turn themselves into ugly creatures, which make me ask …

Are they real women… what do they know about being a woman… what do they know about the difference between masculinity and femininity?? is it just a genital, and hormonal difference? How they perceive the term “Femininity”!!

Why being a wife, mother, practical woman, spinster, divorced, widow, feminist, intellectual has a negative impact on women femininity?

Alas, and I hate to admit it, the majority of today’s women know nothing about femininity, about the power they carry inside their souls and hearts… they believe that mimicking men in some of their attitude will bring them respect… they think that by reaching certain physical, mental, intellectual status means to give up being a woman… and pathetically turn to be anti-femininity creatures!! They have succeeded To lose the power within, to deny their nature and secret magic… and finally fill the streets, houses, offices with shadows of who were once women dwell

Let’s face it

- A girl is so beautiful and smooth till she got married, then turn to be a maid in her own house, know nothing but kitchen and kids,

- Some marry for just being able to be mothers, and I swear to god I heard it from many friends, after they give birth and I ask about their husbands, the answer is … he did his role

- Carrier turn women to be savage in behavior, as a mean to protect themselves and enforce respect in a environment where men generally rule… elegant, beautiful, but play with great success the role of femme fatal

- Some who has no luck in marriage don’t bother about the way they look, they act with vulgarity, and turn to crows … with all the meanings of the word

- Even one of the noblest roles for women – feminist - has turned them to be anti-men, they might be elegant and beautiful, but lost the touch of tenderness in their voices and way of acting with others

- Intellectual girls are known to wear glasses, and lose interest with god’s grace… their bodies

Women… themselves… and no other… have deformed the meaning of femininity… surrender to the dark waves of life that pull them away from their magical territory… all the above are examples of wrong practices from women themselves… they deliberately lose their powers, they intentionally bury their magic, they kill the beauty within… they kill themselves slowly, not knowing that femininity is the easiest path to reach a good life

But… what is femininity? What are the signs of femininity? how to find road to such great power?

That is what I will tell in coming posts… stay around