January 29, 2008

Let it Rain...

What's rain!!

Is it the tiny water drops that fall from above… fall to clean and wash the weary face of the world

Is It the pure water of the sky that hold the hand of the being and help it to get into a mysterious status of serenity, calmness, maybe little shades of sadness… sweet sadness

What is rain … truly what is rain

What is rain for you

Is it like it for me

Since I was a kid, and I always loved rain,,, loved to stretch my hand out of the window and feel the cold chilly drops on my warm tiny hands

I tried to taste it

I always thought it is holly water … why not … it comes from above… that makes it holly right?

I see an agreeing smile upon your lips… whispering yeh right J

Tell you something

I love so much the drip drip voice… and the weshhh weshhh voice… I love the fresh smell it gives to the world… and I love the song it sings with trees and blossoms … I love to walk in the rain and feel the holly water washing my face… washing away my pain.. washing away the stiffness that diseased my life

These were thoughts of years ago… but now I have a more mature perception of rain.. more mature definition… more realistic

Rain is

The tear drops of angels and fairies who live in the high clouds... they gather themselves from now and then in a hall made of crystal water over the high cloudy hills… decorated with scented flowers … the sacred frangipani…sit all together in a wide circle and cry

Cry for us

For our misery

For our loneliness

And our alienation

Cry and call our names to purify ourselves

To let go our sadness with their sadness

It cannot be more real than that … can it be!!

Let it rain … let it rain

Wash my pain

Don’t drop in vain

Let it rain let it rain

My strange idea for today:

I believe in fairies

January 07, 2008

Guiltless Devil!!

Shit happens!

Excuse my language, but I couldn’t find a better word to describe how things can deviate from its course.

Why we screw up!!

The Devil’s whispers?

Why we always blame the Devil!

Why not the inner hidden self?

God has warned us from our inner selves and the damages it can do to our lives… the bad it commands… the bad it wishes for us

it is not always the devil

It is us

We are the devils of this earth

My strange idea for today

Inside each one of us … is a devil’s soul