March 30, 2008

Life is ...

Life is like an Intercourse :)

Sometimes it is soft and joyful !!

Sometimes it is rough and awarding !!!

but most of the time ...... it is a TOTAL RAPE :(

My Strange Idea for today

Enough ... Pls


Xero said...

that's harsh :S

Anonymous said...

Dearest EG.
these are few words that said it all,
life my dear is a serial rapist, it has raped everyone that ever lived, even if they don't admit.
sometimes it's good to know, so one can recover and go on with his or her life.
always talented and bold ms. egyptiana,
best wishes.

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dear Xero

Because it touched you ... deep down inside you know it is true !!!

accept my warmest regards

always happy to read your short to the pont comments :)

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Mahmoud Dear

you always see the bright side :)
as bright as your beautiful sky-like eyes!! :)

still it is not easy to admit it ... sometimes we see facts, as clear as the sun in the high skies, but ... we put sunglasses ... to cool down and pretend it is not there ... to walk on our paths with peace of mind

ignoring facts is soemtimes the answer of the question but...sometimes truth is not just clear .. but it lashes us with bittter events that burns our souls!! only then we have to take off the sunglasses and make a stand.

i have been severely raped ... i tried to deny it .. tried to play strong.. tried to move on.. but.. my path is stained with bloody steps ... i have to face it... i have to stop the bleeding .. else ... i will die

god!! i am a survivor

thanks for passing by sweet mahmoud.. and keep in touch man, you are missed here :)

Anonymous said...

Dearest EG.,
I know you are strong, and if anyone can make it through the mishaps of life it got to be you,
some times we confuse strength with other things, however strength is to be human and feel things and consequently deal with them.
in my humble opinion some of what others perceive as weaknesses i perceive as strength, such as feeling despair or crying..etc.. it;s the strength to let it out, weakness is the inability to face the issues.
how do i know you are strong?!
I just do and i have reasons to believe,
lately i could see your power of working to overcome whatever it is that hindered you for a long time, and i have no doubt you will prevail(you are the survivor sa7ira aren't you?).
something tells me you are in your way of success in life and having a normal prosperous life, by the way EG. normal often time is special, nothing special about things that are not normal.
show me soon that I'm right,
believe it or not life with all it;s ups and downs is beautiful once you see it through your splendid amgnetic eyes you will be pleased realizing that you are beautiful, talented and above all human.
best wishes as always.

Shimaa Gamal said...

lieh keda ya benty :( lazem tefakreny :(
bas teftkery if we all started singing like moshag3een el kora kefaya 7aram, life will stop f***ing us??


Arabic ID said...

أيتها الحياة التى تعاندنى
استجيرى منى كيف شئتى
سأقوم أقاطع ذكرياتك
وساحارب يأسك بحبى
ولا بأس إن أتيت ماكرة
تبكين لى عند قدمى
سأقطع منك أجنحتك
وأتركك أسيرة مثلى
تعرفين أنى ساخر
من ضعفى ومن أملى
وأنى متى شئتُ عائد
من عنادى وبأسى
I agree with you of-course,
but do you think that we can keep the life from doing that to us..?
I think we can..

اجندا حمرا said...

My dearest Miss Egyptiana

u have the ability to present a great idea through simple words
i congratulate u on such a big talent
your new issue is very impressing
i loved your words

i wish to add that life is what we make out of it
it can be bearable and joyful according to what our eyes see

long time without reading from you but it was worth the waiting

7amdela 3ala salamtek ya gameel

my best regards to you

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Mahmoud dear

you always can see the bright side, and encourage me with your sweet words, and your belief in me...

if we follow your standards, then i am weak ... cause my eyes are dry, and i cant let my voice out .. to scream and show the world my anger... all what i can do is to look in silence and just ... write

this is my way to detoxify myself

i hope in the near future things go fine, cause i need it ... i just have to stick to what makes me me... and hold on to my talent which i think will lead me out

when i said i am a freak, a friend told me, u r normal according to your standards, everyone is ... so dont feel that u r , and here u say the same... that is kinda a relief :)

and let me tell you, that i am blessed to have you in my life

be well sweet mahmoud, and keep in touch

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...


life never listens to pleas

it just needs to be forced, and dominated by our inner strength, and ability to change the conditions she put us in, and change it to our favor

this is the challenge shimaa ....

good luck to you ... sweet soul

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Arabic ID

ما تبغى الحياة الا ان تأسر ارواحنا فى دائرة من صنعها

ولكن سر الفرار من تلك الدائرة يكمن فى كلماتك... نعاملها بالمثل... وبالعربى يا عربى... لا نخاف من المواجهة والحرب فى سبيل ما نريد ونؤمن به

بربك عزيزى
نحن بشر
تؤلمنا ضربات الحياة
تقطع لحمنا بلا رحمة
وتتركنا ننزف بلا امل

هناك من يستسلم حتى تبتلعه الارض داخلها
وهناك من يقف على قدميه بعد برهة ليستأنف القتال

ولكن فى كل الاحوال اذا لم ننظر للنتائج
تغتصبنا الحياة... تسرق براءتنا... وتتركنا بقايا انسان

تحياتى يا غالى

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Agenda my sweet

i am so sorry i have been away from my second home - which is your blog - but... my downs are much more than my ups these days, and i am fighting to keep balance

as much as i can, i try to keep in touch with my favorite bloggers, and soon i will knock ur doors:)

as for what u said, well ... of course things depend on how we see them - the full half of the glass or the empty - on what it depend ... i sometimes try to look at the bright side of matters but!!!

sometimes ur eyes is blinded with tears ... on days u lost, and emotions u spilled ,,,

anyway, balash ka2aba we kefaya el post

شرفتينى ونورتينى واشكرك على مرورك واهتمامك وتشجيعك

تحياتى يا عزيزتى