April 18, 2011

Welcoming Spring

I always had a certain weakness towards Spring

Its the revival season .. in which the earth go young again .. and all creatures celebrates with a fertility rituals






I decided to celebrate myself .. bought a BASIL plant ..

Generally ... to add some green to my life

Symbolically .. to revive my weary self .. and help me to face the sun again

Spiritually .. it is a
Holy Basil worshiped by the hindu .. it represents represents purity, serenity, harmony, luck, happiness and good health.

Promise to my plant ... i will love and cherish you always

My Strange Idea for Today

I MUST find spiritual symbols in everything

March 25, 2011

I Transform

"Nature is in a constant state of transformation" - sophie's world (p33)

so do we !!

so do everything .. and everyone around

I changed .. a great part of me

some qualities were lost forever in the endless darkness of the oceans

some qualities were acquired .. but not all are angelic ..

and some were haunted for .. adaptation is a necessity

Everyday i look in the mirror to find a change .. slight .. but exist

a hair is whitening

a wrinkle is crawling on the side of myface

a sight of confidence is increasing

a heart beat of fear is Sneaking to the usual rythm of my heart


Even my dreams ... my thoughts ... the way i look to things


sometimes .. i miss me .. the ignorant young girl who is still taking her first steps in life

sometimes .. i hate me .. the clumsy who hardly listens to anybody ... want only to do what she wanna ... without rational thoughts about the consequences


even my words ... my interests ... even the way i embrass things


sometimes .. i love the change .. i love what i gained .. the high level of tolerence .. the rationality of thinking .. the wisdom

sometimes .. i hate it .. for i cant enjoy the crazy pleasures of life


is what we are going through

physically .. mentally .. spiritually

but if there is only one fact in this change .. i fear more of tomorrow .. the dragon heart that use to beat once inside me .. is soften ..

heart ache i feel

My Strange Idea for Today

we dont use well our time .. we only keep spilling it

March 22, 2011


I spent all my life trying to answer this question .. trying to identify my identity .. my true identity that's full of conflicts .. of possible normal things .. of impossible freaky things .. of ME .. Real ME .. TRUE ME
Am not the one who goes to work at 8 am and spend long boring hours till 4 pm
Am not the one who stands in the street with a blank mind waiting for transportation
Am not the one who spends her time wondering on facebook from one game to the other to kill time and spell its pure blood on the floors of history
Am not the one who cannot concentrates while reading something mysterious without embrassing it and feel its mystical power flow inside my veins .. triggering my mind
Am not the one with no dreams .. no thoughts .. no imagination
I am other
Finding my true self took me ages of wander .. thru worlds beyound ordinary minds
Finding my identity ... is freedom
I am WATER ... that contains all human bodies and wash away their pain and anger .. release their fake self and turn them back to who they really are
I am WIND ... that travels between worlds we dont even know they exist .. absorbing knowledge and spread it everywhere
I am EARTH ... whose fertility give birth to a whole world full of wonders
I am FIRE ... that burns with anger all enemies .. yet warm my beloved one .. welcome him .. and embrass him
Am the universe itself .. a wonder in my creation by the ultimate creator

who am i ?
I am that girl who enjoys simple pleasures of life .. like walking bare foot on the green dewed grass .. and the smell of the fresh waves bringing me news from afar
I am that witch who can enchant living creatures with spells made of spices.. milk .. and honey
I am that warrior who defend her beloved ones with her soul .. and sword
I am a woman .. the bringer of life .. and the giver of love
I am a woman .. the mysterious .. the soft .. the beautiful .. the wild
I am a woman .. the armor from fears .. the chaser of pain
This is me
The absolute fact .. a woman who is living and giving and iteracting with the universe and embrace its secrets
and You !!!
My Strange Idea of Today
Do you really Know Who You Are?!!