March 14, 2009

|||||||||| Searching for Answers Aborted ||||||||||

I am giving up searching for cosmic complicated answers for my unusual questions... and try to be satisfied with the simple ones.

but i still would love to compare between simple answers and cosmic unusual ones

1) why those men who get to know me.. fall in love with me.. lust me.. and cannot stay away from me!!

unusual answer: cause i am the reincarnation of an ancient goddess of love, sexuality and magic

simple answer: cause i am a woman and that is it, men has no reason to be attracted to women, that is the way their system goes.

a goddess is a woman in the inside and outside, so simple answer is in a way or another a simple interpretation to the unusual one .. but still men has something in their mind that make them sence the femininity of the woman in front of them, no matter how tough she tried to seem... the bless of eve shows

2)what is death?

unusual answer: the transfer from one status to another, from the material to the spiritual existence while living in another dimension that has a transparent wall from which the dead are able to watch us... moreover death gives the soul a very high ability to transmit worries and guidance to the beloved ones.. so it is an enhancement in ones senses after all

simple answer: the body stop functioning and the person stop existing

mmm no there is a difference between those two answers, the first one is much more optimistic lol .. and the second is dark and sad ... read between lines

3) does love really exist?

unusual answer: love is a status of attraction and creation of physical and spiritual bond and responsibilities between two existing entities; those entities can or cannot be of the same genre, they can be two humans, a human and an animal, or a human and a unliving thing like a book or a house or a car... and as we can see human is the key word, cause simply they created that term .. and their life evolves around it since the dawn of time.

Simple answer: no

that was too simple :) but why they are contradicting !!! one says yes, and one says no !!!
i think the reason is on how we look at the word love; with its absolute meaning, or relative one!!
i cannot tell which is right, although both are mine ..

4)how do i perceive my relation with nature?

unusual answer: swim naked, stand naked feeling the morning breezes or under the rain, lay naked on the green grass and flower petals...

simple answer: nature nurture my senses

finally a similarity here, we feel through our bodies.. that is why touching is a very important mean to create bonds between two persons... we feel unmaterialistic things with our mind, and we feel materialistic things with our body... and since nature in its core is material existin things, so our body is the best tool to feel it and nurture our senses with its hidden magic.

5) one final question... why everytime i think i find the path .. i loose it? why everytime i think i found happiness.. it disappears ?

unusual answer: Fate.. we never know what is coming

simple answer: Fate... we never know what is coming

No comment on that

My Strange Idea for Today

I want to work in a radio station in a spiritual and self help program!!!... do i fit?