July 26, 2017

Instagram blogging

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June 15, 2015

Simple Pleasures of Life

It doesn't have to be fancy
It doesn't have to be complicated
It only needs to be real ... to be one of the simple pleasures of life

Someone told me don't wait to reach perfect happiness ... cause you will not ... no matter how hard you work ... no matter how long you go ... you will not reach what humans call ... HAPPINESS

Life is not about happiness ... it is about living good ... and enjoy every day as it is ... and every simple pleasure that comes your way ... after sometimes they will accumulate ... build a fortress of pinkish positive lovely energy ... only then you will feel nourished .. you will feel HAPPY 

a cup of tea with a loved one 
a movie you like
a restaurant you have a memory in
a special night
moon light 
a word

Enjoy one thing at a time
Enjoy one thing every day
Enjoy the simple pleasures of life

My strange Idea of Today: 
Enjoy ... for REAL

April 30, 2015

Thinking of you ...

لينا شماميان - بالي معاك: http://youtu.be/M8Kn9b5l2io

April 23, 2015

Where are my words

Searching inside my mind ... in the closed doors of my soul ... searching with hope sometimes ... and desperation most of the time.

Where are my words ... Where is my world ... Where is myself ... My dreams and hopes and endless thoughts. 

I am dissolved ... melted ... disappeared ... I am deformed ... or maybe reformed. 

I am myself but never me ... deep inside me ... secret dreamy me ... enchantress me ... The witch with the golden eyes. 

There is a lot that i want to draw with words ... but there is something that keeps me from sinking myself in a world of  my own creation ... anchored ... captivated. 

I love my life .. it has all the love and peace you can imagine ... but lacks something ... something that use to feed me ... and make me flourish. 

It lacks magic ... that spark of the unusual ... that touch of the unknown ... those stories i lived and breathed .. this world i created ... where all this has gone ... why i cant reach it anymore .. why i cant find the door ... what is keeping me ?

Life is too REAL

My strange idea for today: 
Witch and proud