August 21, 2007

About Dreams

I dream!

Don't smile, and say me too!!

I know you do... we all do... but!!

I am concerned about the types of dreams I am experiencing

Dreams… Dreams

Shadows and fogs

Demons and dead angels

Men… men… women in torture

Me… run… run… no where to run

My dreams, I hate to dream… I hate to fall asleep… for the sake of my dreams' types:

Dreams where I am hunted:

the majority of my dreams are going around this point… I am hunted… running away from someone, from something… run always barefoot in darkness… followed by scary sounds… don't ask me why I run... I just run… run with no way out… run and always been found… escape and run and found and run and found and run and so on… till god wakes me up with his mercy

Dream where I am searching for something:

I am always late... I am always searching for a place... I am always in a hurry… I am always missing my appointment... I am always a looser… I am always searching…. always

Dream where I am in love:

We were never able to be together... always hugging and kissing bitter kisses… always steeling precious moments… always making love with tears… always been found by friends who ask us to run and hide… always separated… always

Dream where I am not me:

Strange... I am me and another!!! I can be me female and a male… I am both parties in a relation, and both parties in a situation… feeling men muscles… and women softness… who am I?

Dream that means something:

dreams that want to send me a certain message… it starts with as a normal dream… a set of unrelated fogy events… and suddenly, a focus on a certain things … as if I am using a camera… and zoom to show closely something very specific… even the wake up from such dreams means something… open my eyes widely and stare at the ceiling… whisper with one thing… I had a message… to such dreams I react differently, I first used to ignore and leave it to tomorrow… but now… I don’t… I read books of symbols… I read myself… I read the skies … I read the nature… till I reach what I want to know

Last dream of that type… a wall of seashells where I found shelter… the interpretation was to believe in myself … and my ability to get myself out of darkness

Dreams that reflect my mood:

Sometimes my daily life is reflected into a scary dream … where the events take the form of symbols… I wake up shivering… I wake up with tears… I wake up afraid… I thank god for waking up and leave my fears sealed in a dream

Dreams that leaves a mark:

No one ever believed it… and no one will... Because no one can ever imagine that a dream can leave marks … yes they do … to me … and I am still waiting for the meaning!!!

Why I have such odd dreams

My emotional instability is behind all this

My eternal search for a way out

For myself

For the true love that would brighten my days

My trial to runaway from myself


They feed my dreams to torture me

Strange… true enough to say… I don’t want to dream


Mirage said...

I used to have such dreams daily, and sometimes i like nightmares, weird isnt it ?

but u know,

it entertains me through sleeping :)

and sometimes i sleep early to catch the dream from the begining,

last nightmare i had was about being murdered by my uncle

and that freaks me out,

but i like to dream, whether it's terrific or happy one,

I do like to dream

Fantasia said...

Your dreams are shared by many for sure egyptiana. They reflect a deep sense of insecurity and that's how we all feel in this society and with all that is happening in the world.
Don't hate your dreams. Do you know that they are a means of maintaining emotional balance? You let out all your fears that your nervous system is charged with and that leaves you healthy and able to keep control over your nervous system. Other people who don't have such dreams are in high risk of psychological and nervous diseases.
You know what I do to get rid of bad or annoying dreams? I watch horror movies. Recent studies have shown that a lot of women are addicted to horror movies (unlike the stereotypical image that we love romantic ones) because they release all their fears.
You can also play sports, a good way of letting your heartbeat rise and get the extra energy out.
These techniques will not eliminate dreams altogether, but will reduce their effect on you. Sometimes a dream can make you wake up feeling exhausted as if you haven't slept at all. These things will stop this effect by discharging your nervous system.
Sweet dreams :)

Arabic ID said...

from time to time I had to have a prophecy dream

the last one I remmber was when my sister was pregnant in her third month, and we wondered about the baby sex, boy or a girl,

her husband and her father in law said and wished it will be a boy..

I saw a dream where she was lying on a bed , and three or four women were around her, they were all vield in white except their faces, the only one I felt as if I know her, was the one who picked the baby from my sister body, and gave me the baby clean and in the coverta, I looked at the lady face , I relaized in the moment that it is Sayeda 3ayshah , the prophet's wife ...then I looked at my sister and was schocked by that her body is still opened by the surgery, and the blood is over her opened stomack.

after I waked I felt very sad about my vision for my sister, and I didn't tell any one about this part of my dream, the only thing I did was telling her and my family that she will have a girl, and she might have a surgery.

after the birth of my sister daughter, my sister had a pregnancy deperssion and she got different in every thing.

I consider this the bad part in the dream about my sister.

dreams in my opinion are the only way to see yourself for true.

Arabic ID said...

Another thing , my wife told me that she might got stuck in a dream, she might want to get up and can't, she then feels trapped and helpless... I was terrified by this concept.. to want to wake up and can't ???...

then I had a such terrible dream which I dreamed that I want to wake up but I can't, I wanted to yell but I can't open my mouth,even I wanted to throw my body on the ground but can't move, and really it was exhusting and terrifying and a big feeling of lonlyness and I woke up when I started to surround to the upcoming unknown destiny.

He & She said...

Of course you will be hunted one day by a knight in shining armour who will come and kidnap you on his white horse. All women are hunted. Have you ever heard about a woman hunting a man?
dont think of a the bad experience of hunting. Fill your imagination with the picture your wish your hunter has

الشنكوتي الكبير said...

my dear lady you are a heart full of emotions and feelings
and you are also a miind full of aideas and fantastic thoughts
you are a body full of beuty
so when you put all this in one package you must see such a drems
my lady you have so much inside but don't worry they are all kind elements some day they will find a way to live in harmony together
آه صحيح انا ممكن ابقى انصب عليكي واقولك اني بفسر الأحلام بس تدفعيلي بالدولار

Anonymous said...

You need exposure to the real world so you desensetize yourself. What do you talk about is frank anxiety that need tratment

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dear mirage
very weired indeed!
how can you be entertained through nightmares??!!

what is fun about demons, ghosts and the feeling of darkness?

maybe as u said u like to dreams generally... it is a sign dear... you hate your reality and you find it more fearful than nightmares

may god send peace to your heart and mind

thanks for passing by

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

dearest ever fantasia

as you put it that way, i dont find it that bad after all :)

your analysis is totally right, i really have a deep sense of insecurity... and emotional instability...

i think too much, i have millions of questions that require answers... my mind cannot stop processing every single event in my life!!!

i think i will do some sports... i remember that i use to do that, and it did me good

thanks for the tip dear , and wish you too lovely dreams :)

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

dear Arabic Id
you have introduced two important points in your comments:

- dreams are where we see our true self... without any masks, without any thinking ... our primitive feelings... and fears... they really show what we fear to admit in the real life

- trapped in a dream !!
it happened to me more than once, and i woke up shivering unable to concentrate or even know where i am ... it is such an horrible experience ...

may god send peace to your mind and heart dear

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

dear He & She
such a cheerful comment :)
i think i ll try that and i hope it works :)

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

dear shankoty

i truly love the simplicity of your expressive words... you may be right, maybe the thoughts i am having, and the little world i am living in are a source of such instability ... you never know

maybe that is why i started to be little stable when i blog regularly!! but the problem is... the more i write, the more my mind generates new ideas and thoughts !!!!!!!!!!

what is the solution now??

وعلى العموم متغلاش عليك الدولارات بس فسرهم انت بس

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

dear anonymous
thank you for your comment, thought i wished for a name !!!

yes you are right, i need exposure to the real world... but everytime i try to do so, i get shocked, so i prefer to remain in a world of my own creation

:) i didn't know that such feelings need treatment ... i do believe that i am my own doctor... and the cure is in my hand... i just need to be brave enough to take it.

thanks for passing by ... wish you good real life :)

Arabic ID said...

Dear egyptiana

I found this link, which actually was fun and terrible in the same time...
why? ,.. find for yourself...

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dear arabic ID

thank for the link... that was too sweet of you