March 21, 2008

It's Mother's Day

The 21st of March… The first day of the beautiful reviving spring… my sister’s birthday… and of course… Mother’s day.

It is a day full of life… a symbol of birth, and fertility

A day when Mother earth give birth to a new face, for the aged world, worn out by winter

A day when flower blossoms start to crawl over tree branches, coloring our busy days…

A day when I smile and secretly wish for a happier time … smelling the scent of life emerging from everything around.

Maybe that is why this day is chosen to celebrate the mother’s day!

Mother’s day… I rather call it … The Day of the Feminine power

Power to give life

To change hard conditions into favorable ones

To contain the whole world with all its complications in between our tiny hands

To guide the human souls with ideas, and secretly hidden intelligence

To fight for the best of our beloved

To sacrifice ceaselessly with all what we own... even ourselves

Mother’s day, is every woman’s day… for being a mother is a built in feature, god planted its seed… and let it grow into a great sacred tree

A tree that feed, shade, spill wisdom, and give pleasure

I dedicate today’s greetings to:

Every mother on earth or up in heaven – May god bless their tender souls

Every Girl/Woman:

who takes care of her parents

who take cares of her brothers and sisters

who shares to put a smile on the face of poor and orphans

who contains and love her man (bf, husband ..)

who feeds an animal and show mercy to all god’s creatures

who cherish friendship and is always around to spread cheers, and contain tears and fears

Every Girl/Woman who knows the true meaning of being a woman… of being the bearer of the feminine power… and realizes the gift that changed the face of the world.

All men who curse women… who are too arrogant, and afraid to admit our sacred power … remember that Adam asked God for Eve - *wink

So happy Mother’s day my fellow females … May god bless our feminine powers inside.

My strange Idea for today

We are all mothers


Anonymous said...

Happy mother's day to all, god bless the fiminine power inside all of you, and god bless the princess.

Arabic ID said...

Yes they all deserve such greetings.

But when will a loving and giving man will be honoured by a such greetings.

greetings from me to every passionate, giving silently, faithful, honest and noble man


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Sweet Mahmoud

thank you so... and ma god bless you too

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Oh dear Arabic Id

of course i give credit to all passionate, giving silently, faithful, honest and noble men

if they ever exist :)

my warmest regards heheheh, glad to see you around