January 07, 2008

Guiltless Devil!!

Shit happens!

Excuse my language, but I couldn’t find a better word to describe how things can deviate from its course.

Why we screw up!!

The Devil’s whispers?

Why we always blame the Devil!

Why not the inner hidden self?

God has warned us from our inner selves and the damages it can do to our lives… the bad it commands… the bad it wishes for us

it is not always the devil

It is us

We are the devils of this earth

My strange idea for today

Inside each one of us … is a devil’s soul


Xero said...

it's not strange idea actually we all have a devil soul in side , but there is also an Angel one .
the trick is to control it and not letting it control you .
so if you ever need to kick somebody's ass you can call the devil one .. it will know what to do :D
otherwise play the game like an angel :D

Arabic ID said...

Dear Egyptiana
أعتذر هاعلق بالعربى

الشيطان أضعف ، نعلم هذا
ولكننا لابد وأن نجد طريقنا خلال نواقصنا
لابد أن نتصارع مع الفضول وحب التفوق والذات ومع رغبتنا أن لا نكون الأفضل ورغبتنا أن لا ندع الأخرين يلحظون برائتنا

ربما نأثم ولكن هل بعلمنا أم بدون؟؟

وكيف نقيس مقدار الجهالة فينا؟
تحياتى لك

Anonymous said...

My dearest miss egyptiana

this is the case always my dear,we tend to put our blame on external factors so we dont blame ourselves

this is human nature unfortunately

but i agree with u ,sometimes we need to look inside of ourselves and find what's wrong
but does this happen with every one?

thank u for the wonderful post miss

الشنكوتي الكبير said...

You got it right dear

Satan is not powerful as our own selves
Do you know that shikh Sharawy once said that you can tell when you are praying is it you’re self or the devil that is distracting you
Devil will try to distract you with any idea if you moved this idea away he bring another one
But when it's النفس
The idea posses you and keep hunting you all the time

وختاما حلو البوست ده قوي


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dear xero

i wish things are that easy... the problem is each side has an input in every single situation and put you always in a choice status

and sometimes the devil come in the very wrong time and screw everything you are trying to do ...

your first time in my blog, hope not the last ... thanks for passing by and wish to see more of you

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

dear arabic id

اه من نواقصنا وما تفعله بنا
تكافح كى تكتمل
مهما كانت الوسيلة

دعنى اجيب عن تساؤلك
نأثم بعلمنا ونعمى انفسنا عن خطايانا كى نحيا
فما اشد عذاب الضمير

لا اؤمن ان الانسان جاهل
فقد ولد بفطرة طبيعية تميز بين الخطأو الصواب, متمثلة فى الاحساس والادراك

ولكننا بشر خلقنا لنفسد فى الارض ونحارب طواحين هواء صعناها بايدينا

لو نظرت للحظة للتاريخ ستجد انه مغزول باهواء رجال

تحياتى لك ولمشاركتك الثرية
فى انتظارك دوما

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dearest ever agenda

we never look inside ourselves cause we are afraid of what we may find... although we know what we will find

humans tend to live upon a lie ... called goodness and innocence... all humans are victims in a way or another... victims of themselves first then of others

the dirt inside is creating a dark creature called my other dark me ... which is not by any mean the devil ... it is simply ME

a fact that cannot be declared no matter how transparent we are ... cause the price is so expensive dear ... and it is a lot easier to blame others and let them pay for our own mistakes

my warmest regards
waiting always for your participation

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dearest shankoty

i love your example, for it cleared all ...

it is true that the devil is much weaker than us ... for god has created us with a strong mind ... the main problem is in ourselves ... the true enemy that we tend to fight all the time ... we resist sometimes and we surrender sometimes ... but never find peace ... few did ... but are they truly in peace ... they will have to fight always to keep their defenses

my worst enemy ever is MYSELF

thanks for passing by ya gamil, and always waiting for you

my warmest regards

سمـــــــــــا said...

hello ya gamil

People some times afraid to look at the miror its not easy to face ur self ur fact . most of people wear the angel mask and inside they persuade them themselves they are angels already , so what will happened if u ever try to take off this mask ??
Of course they blame anything but themselves . This is poeple and this is life . They accept to do anything to keep their mask on face .

I really like this post

warm regards

Arabic ID said...

أين أنتى؟
لماذا كل هذا الغياب
انتظر البوست القادم لكى بفارغ الصبر
وقد غابت تعليقاتك عن مدونتى
ولكن لا يهم
المهم أن نطمئن عليكى

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

beloved sama

i wonder where you and nardin are hiding? i cant find your blog any more ... hope you are ok girls

i am sorry for the delay in reply... unfortunately i have been overwhelmed with life, and i am under severe stress ...

anyway back to the post ... well i think you are right ... human nature likes to act as victims, it is so hard to believe that oneself is wrong, it will severely shake his confidence and believes in himself ... people who do so are not just brave, but crazy ... for i believe that our worst enemy is us :)

my warmest regards to you and dear nardin

have a lovely day

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

beloved arabic id

just stuck in life, and suffer from stress and depression... i thought that if i start to reply on comments i may have the courage to write again ... and ensha alah i will publish some posts soon, which i hope u like ... my warmest regards and keep in touch

i will visit you soon dear... for i love your words more than u can imagine