December 05, 2007

Why They Call it Suicide?!

Suicide… the act of killing one self… the brave decision to end one’s life… the final destination… the fading light of hope and rise of desperation sun.

Why it is wrong?

And why they call it a crime?

(1) Passing over the bridge… watching the flowing grayish water… its internal waves indicate the silent anger from this world, and the thirst for human souls… whispers coming from deep inside the river… faintly calling my name… I exerted all the efforts to fight the urge of giving myself totally to this delicate element of life… to be swallowed by the huge mass of water… and never come up again… to see a new world, and listen to new songs… songs of life after Death

Will they call it suicide?

Why they don’t call it… hiding!!

(2) Looking at the shiny blade… its silvery surface shows only half of my face… why only half of my face? Why always that half… my eyes are engraved on the hungry blade… which crave for the taste of my blood… I try to look away … but my eyes are glued to its rising soul… it wants me… what if I cut my flesh… the white moony flesh… and watch the line of blood flow freely away from my poisoned body… drawing life wherever it goes… and spread my existence in the endless being

Will they call it suicide?

Why they don’t call it… painting my freedom!!

(3) It is more than just a building... it is the top of the world where I stand… … watching the real life beneath my feet…mortals walk endlessly in one path… they never look at the beautiful blue sky… they never thought of the wind kissing their perishing bodies… the clouds are drawing the lines of angels… they whisper my name… they are inviting me to join them… fight the urge to throw myself… feel the wind… listen to heaven songs… and breath.

Will they call it suicide?

Why they don’t call it… flying away!!

(4) White tiny pills… lay peacefully on the table… what’s their taste? sweet or sour… does it matter… life is sour… my name is written on each of them… they are mine… they belong to me… flow inside my body… merge with my blood… take me to the world of dreams… endless dream… endless joy.

Why they call it suicide

Why they don’t call it… Sleeeep!! Shhhhhh

(5) Why they call it suicide?

Why they call it death… End of Life?

Why they don’t call it another chapter in one’s journey!

Freedom from life burdens!

Merging with life elements!

My strange idea for today:

Death is not the end … it is just the beginning


Arabic ID said...

if death is like that, So I will be the first one to suicide.

I may claim that I was thinking in the same way you are doing, what pain?, how long.? I want to sleep this deep.

I thought of it many times, but because I knew that I was depressed , I knew it is related to my weakness against others ideas and feelings.

who will think in leaving his lovley family and not see them again,.. I mean never again, who will leave the ability to be heard by others, to complete lonliness .

and because I knew my sins, and afraid to die before Allah forgive me.

Anonymous said...

the sweetest miss egyptiana

another presentation to a very important issue in a very elegant way

why they call it suicide?why they dont call it flying away
starting another chatper in another one's life?

i think people judge all the time and when they hear about a person committing suicide they call it a sin due to religious reasons

people always judge

they dont put themselves in the place of the person who commit this act,they always say that even if he had problems he shouldnt give up and they dont give solutions while the person who does the act always have his reasonable causes for doin this

doin something isnt faced always with understanding from the majority of people

people who commit suicide think that by doin so ,they will get rid of life and its problems
they dont think of an afterlife because their mind maybe stopped at their own problems

i talk from my own experience of trying to do this at one time in my life

u always impress me with how u present the issues u talk about miss egyptiana

stay great as u r my dear
thank u for allowing me to come and talk here

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Arabic Id my dear

your words pierced my heart... make me see things that have been hidden ... or maybe they are too obvious to be seen

suicide... was a major component in my life... but lost its intensity now, though i still think of how death feels, and how being a roaming soul would be...

you are right, suicide is usually associated with depression, but ... what if it is not... what if it is associated with peace and happiness ???

what do u call that !!!

i am not trying to think with your sensitive way... else i would b very depressed... cause i feel i will die young... but i also know that my soul will be always around my beloved ones

god!! i dont fear god... i love god... cause he is merciful and kind, and was always by my side... yeh i did somethings wrong, and i regret them... but i know that god is forgiving

thanks for you lovely comment dear and always waiting for you to pass by

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dearest ever agenda

people only see the surface and doesnt know what;s inside the one's inner self...

you have a very good point when u said that those who commit suicide never think of afterlife,,, cause their minds stopped at a certain point of time... the whole life became one event.. and salvation is only one word... suicide

i have been thru an experience ... but i never call it suicide ... i called it painting my freedom... i just wanted to see the blood flowing and know how it feels to have such pain

thanks dear agenda for passing by, i always appreciate your lovely comments.

waiting for u always and have a happy wintry time

He & She said...

Suicide is not a crime. It is the worest crime on earth. Do you know why? Because it is the only crime that doesn't give you a chance to regret it

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