November 29, 2007

The Original Sin

Many has interpreted the Meaning of the Original Sin… as it was mainly related to eve’s response to the devil’s seduction, and reach for the forbidden fruit… thus opposing god’s will

But I have a different opinion… when I read the story of Adam and Eve, I found out that going for the forbidden fruit is not the sin itself… but it is the outcome of the sin

The real sin is that eve TRUSTED the cursed angel, which turned to be the curse of all human race

Look around before objecting… you will find that all major events in your life, others’ lives, and even in history has been affected in a way or another by TRUST… and mainly end negatively

My Strange Idea for today

TRUST is the original SIN… and we are all SINNERS


the last of the mohicans said...

dear eg,
your analysis is inteesting,
trust is a major component in the human legacy, and like every thing else in life it may has it's ups and downs, however there is a remedy for that.. assurances.
assurances when needed are the fuel that keeps it solid and intact. without it life is very unforgiving and with it life is much more beautiful. may god make all your days beautifull and hopeful.

Arabic ID said...

in the original copy of the "original sin"
I mean the real story told in Quran
the original sin is forgetting and greed

I worked for someone
he used the same play with me
he kept promising me and make me greed in him to make me accept some hard tasks to do.

I kept believing his promises till I found and realized that he used my greed to blind me to work for him a lot.

I know you mean the known copy , and I may agree with you, but another thing, doesn't trust deserve such price? I believe it worth.

Shimaa Gamal said...

That is a really interesting analysis that signifies a mind that misses no detail.

I want to comment on Arabic ID, I don’t think Egyptiana’s analysis is related to the Quranic story or even to the biblical story.
I disagree with your interpretation of the original sin in Quran. In the Quranic story, the sin was disobeying God’s law. The story didn’t point to the motive of Adam & Eve to follow the Satan’s whispers. The sin was disobeying a very important rule in faith. It was arrogance in its purest form. Adam and Eve followed the Satan’s word because they were too arrogant to obey God. It was arrogance that cursed him, and it is arrogance that he uses on each of us everyday to sin.
Even in the biblical story, there was no mention of the motive. Both the stories mentioned the incidents and the results but none mentioned the motive.

Shimaa Gamal said...

I forgot to tell you that I was writing something about the original sin that I couldn't finish.
While tracing the motives to commit the sin I thought that curiosity was the motive.
I may add trust to that analysis. :)
I don't know how could I miss that a combination of trust and curiosty can be the sinful of all sins.

I hope you are enjoying winter :) A sunny winter is always my kind of season.

Love, Always

Arabic ID said...


shaimaa and egyptiana

it is mentioned in the Quran that he forgot what Allah told him, I agree the arrogance is our original sin, but I don't think it is our father Adam sin, because he saw every thing by his eyes, angles and Satan and the heaven..

and before this all he is a prophet, so we keep our words so limited about him and not talk as wester does.

and I commented on the two points of view.

thank you shaimaa, and thank you egyptiana.

I also have a post inspired by this topic on

it is the latest one on the blog,
I wrote it eight or nine years ago.

I wish you will love it.

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

dearest The Last of the Mohicans

first allow me to thank you for your lovely wishes... i do need them, as i am going into a great life quest.

i do agree with you that trust has been always a major component in humans' relationship... if there is no trust, i dont think we would ever achieve anything... but lets face it ... trust has also brought down great empires that was built on trust :) isnt that ironical

anyway, assurance is a good remedy, but if the other party is ready to accept it...

well it is too complicated... an endless circle... remind me of he joke
مين الاول البيضه ولا الفرخة

assurance requires confidence to remedy trust that requires assurance to be sustained and bla bla bla :)

i may spend the whole day writing about this ... and i don't think we will ever reach a coherent answer... except that... we sometimes choose to trust or life will never go on

thanks for your valuable input, and wish to see always more of you

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Arabic ID

you always come up with new aspects of the story :) make me think ... and open another window into my soul, to dig for knowledge and opinions

i believe that the story carry more than one sin... trust was one of them, forgetting, greed, disobedience, and as shimaa said: arrogance

the human nature is too complicated, we were never as simple as jin, or angels ... they are too direct, know their role in life, and blindly go for it... but humans :) oh god! you know... if you dig ito yourself... you will know

trust in my opinion lead to achieve matters, it is the price dear, i dont pay for trust... i pay trust ... it is the currency of the world

i am not sure that adam saw things with the eyes of Alah!!! god created him, created eve, and leave him to choose ... so i guess he was on his own from day one... and if you mean that the soul of Alah is in him ... i believe it is in all of us ...

and :) arabic id dear.. i am not into keeping our words limited on prophets and even Alah ... if we do we wont think and learn from the hidden wisdom within their words ... but also i am not into offending by any mean, and i dont think we did that here

god gave us words to follow, and also to think about ... god gave us a brain to question everything... and also he gave us the choice ... to follow what's right

thanks for our lovely rich comment, and waiting for more of you

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

my sweet shimaa

missed your thoughtful comments, and i hope your computer is functioning by now :)

i am glad you are thinking of analyzing the sin that brought us to planet earth ... it was always a mystery, and we took that fact solemnly... without thinking of the motive ... was it Eve's curiosity... or Adam Forgetfulness

it is a combination of all of that, and maybe me more if we dig further .... i cant wait to read your analysis ... maybe it will lead us to know more about our rooted sins.

sunny warm winter with cold breezes are my favorite too :) wish you warm winter dear

Arabic ID said...

Dear Egyptiana

Good point you made me to understand
"trust is the price"
of course this is you always,the sensitive philosopher

I didn't mean that he saw in the eyes of Allah, I said he saw every thing for real as the prophet Mohamed did , Adam saw the angels and Satan and heaven, so he forgot what he saw or may be he got used and then forgot the value of being in heaven, the human being is always curious about the unknown.

please accept my regards

Anonymous said...

my dearest ever miss egyptiana

another great post here


i totally agree with u,everything is bounded by trust
دايما بنحاول نعلق اخطاءنا علي شماعه الخطيئه و مابنحاولش نفكر في حاجه تانيه حتي لما بنغلط بنحاول نرمي الغلط علي غيرنا و نقول انهم هما السبب

الثقه شئ مهم جدا و للأسف في زماننا بقت عمله نادره جدا

الثقه فعلا هي منبع كل شئ و الأختيار الصحيح منذ البدايه هو الحل

تحياتي لكي عزيزتي الجميله ميس ايجيبسيانا علي طرحك المميز للموضوع و الصراحه كل موضوعاتك مميزه بتخاللي الواحد يفكر

He & She said...

wwwww watch. That is paranoia by the exact definition. Do you really have paranoia? oh shit, I forgot, people who have paranoia never feel it or admit it. it is only the people around who notice it on them

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Arabic ID

Sensitive philosopher !!!!!

ME :)

ok i can take that, i am always looking at the core of matter in a philosophical way ... maybe that is why i suffer

now i understand what u mean dear... and u have said it all... humans crave for the unknown ... if not, they wouldnt reach what they reached now

my best regards and wish you beautfigul springy days

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

العزيزة الغالية اجندا

لا اعتقد ان هناك ما يدعى اختيار سئ واخر صحيح
فقط هناك اختيار .. يبدو صحيح عند نقطة زمنية معينة

ما يؤلمنى ان الثقة اصبح ينظر لها على انها سلامة نية وساعات هبل

لذا لا يجب الثقة
يجب ان يكون هناك هامش عدم ثقة
لان الصدمات اصبحت اكثر مما نتحمل هذه الايام

تحياتى لك ولافكاك الجميلة

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

He and She

you remind me of a song i like so:

"I Think I am Paranoid ... and Complicated :)"

Does that ring a bell?!