October 08, 2007

The Model of Innocence

Pure look

Milky face

Young face

Glowing skin like twinkling stars

Beautiful smile

Innocent deep eyes

Cherry lips

Draw a perfect model for innocence

Theoretically the way a person look may truly reflect who he/she really is… but beware... dont take it as a solemn fact... we need to look deeper and closer to know the hidden truth within… or we would be faced by another face screaming “I am not that innocent”


Anonymous said...

Good morning my dear

such an impressive post as usual

i have to agree with the conclusion ,we should look deeper into the person and not be shallow by just taking the outer layer cause sometimes like u said wer faced with a double face underneath that innocent one and from my experience i have to tell u i was faced by such double faces so im talking from experience.

thank u miss egyptiana for the wonderful topic

another thing away from the post about your recent comment on the deleted comment post @ my blog
i want to thank u for your
موقفك الحيادي و ده بيدل علي شخصيه واعيه و بشكرك كمان علي احساسك الصادق

im so sorry u had to see all of this but all i can say is sometimes in this life u have to be firm regarding certain issues towards some people so they wont cross their limits.

i had to sit and talk with myself and to recap what happened try to control my feelings more in the future but belive me and u know me from my writings im not vulgar and i dont like using such way but as i told u sometimes when the one
يستفز اوي بشكل او بأخر بتلاقي رد فعله كده و بعد كده بيروق
im sorry if im talkative i just wanted to thank u for your honest point of view towards that matter.
best regards to you my friend.

Sharm said...

just come to say big hello !

Anonymous said...

Hello my dearest miss egyptiana

just wanna wish u happy blessed eid

كل سنه و انتي طيبه و كل احلامك متحققه و كل سنه و انتي سعيده و ناجحه

تحياتي و احترامي لكي صديقتي الغاليه

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Beloved and dearest ever Agenda

about the post; unluckily we face this situation a lot in our lives especially in youth ... but then we get wiser, and realize this fact so we get more cautious :)

as for the hard matter between you and Sama, and Nardine ... well ,,, i love you all girls, and i consider you some of the best people i know; i dont usually take sides, cause i dont know the different aspects of the issue, so i prefer to remain on the border, and keep my freindship with both sides

i know well that you are a kind person agenda ... بيبان يا حبيبتى من الكلام والاسلوب، ومعلش وقت الغضب يعمى البصر، ربنا يكفيكى شر الغضب

but if there is one thing good i knew, it is that i knew your secret love :) she is a wonderful person .. may god bless you both

wish you too happy peacful eid ... ya rab dayman ye3odo 3alena we 3aleko be7'er


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dear Sharm

:) a big hello to you too ... wish you a happy eid

Anonymous said...

my sweetest friend ever miss egyptiana

ربنا يخاليكي يارب و مايحرمنيش من صداقتك الغاليه علي قلبي

thank u dear for everything u said,i was sure u r gonna react like this cause i know u well and know how open minded u r and how understanding u r ,thank u for trusting me and beliving in me
belive me miss egyptiana the feeling is mutual
my love also respects u a lot and says u r a wonderful person too

عيد سعيد ليكي و لكل اللي بتحبيهم و يارب دايما تكوني ناجحه و سعيده
مرسي ياجميله علي ذوقك

سمـــــــــــا said...

كنت ساحبط اذا كان ذلك الوصف الرسمى للانسان البرىء لان ملامحى عكس ذلك الوصف تماما فانا اميل بملامحى الى الغجرية والحدة

لكن عندك حق لا نستطيع معرفة الانسان الا بالقرب أكثر واكثر وقراءة ما بين السطور من تصرفاته وحتى بعض الكلمات التى ربما تسقط منه سهوا لكنها تعكس جوانب من شخصيته .

وانا مقتنعة ان الانسان ترسم ملامحه ما تشاء من طيبة وملائكية لكن ما اقتنع به واكتشفه شىء اخر يترك للزمن ولخبرتى فى الحياة .

تحياتى لبوستاتك شديدة التميز والرقى

simple girl.. ..simple dream said...

u r so true
never to be fooled by the appearence
it's so mislealing

الشنكوتي الكبير said...

My dear friend
Happy Eid
The description you gave reminds me with a dear friend looks exactly the same wearing a pink dress and waiting for the bus looking so disturbed with the noise of the traffic
But she doesn't have a deep face saying I'm not that innocent

Any way life some times forces us to put on masks whether we like it or not

He & She said...

I agree. I truly agree. Very nice post

Mirage said...

hey egyptianna,

you've been away for a long time,
hope everything is going fine...
we're waiting for the new writings,

simple girl.. ..simple dream said...

allwould u plz visit my blog and participate in my poll
i really need ur opinion

with my best regards

finding mimo said...

Dear egyptiana,
your description is perfect illustration for genuine innocence,
however innocence is like every thing else that goes with the laws of relativity, it could lose it's path but it will remain in the subconscious, so even those who think they lost it even if they scream I'm not that Innocent That in it self prove that they are still have it, it just needs time to resurface.
I salute you as always

Sherif said...

Miss Egyptianna

From what you write .. I can feel you are full of patriotism ..this is clear at least from the name you have chosen

And yes, you are right ..
What is so artistic is not the idea .. but the way the words are organised and touching

I'll be more than happy if you visit my blog, if you don't like it switch to my gallery, if you don't..

Oh !! unlucky me

Ahmed Al-Sabbagh said...

نظرا لتميز مدونتكم فقد تمت اضافتها لدليل الصباغ للمدونات


شاركنا الشعب الأمريكى أحزانه على ضحاياه فى ذكريات سبتمبر/أيلول الأليمة

لكن دعونا نذكر العالم بالجرائم الأمريكية التى أرتكبتها الولايات المتحدة ضد أبرياء وأطفال ومدنين

شارك وأدعم فكرة تخصيص يوم 30 أكتوبر يوما للجرائم الأمريكية

أحمد الصباغ

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dearest agenda

i beleive in you, and in your good soul ... and above all, i beleive that i am a human who shoudldnt judge others

my warmest regards to you, and your love .. god bless u both

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

العزيزه سما

مهما كانت ملامح الشخص، فان البراءة التى تملأ قلبه ... تلمع بدون شك فى عينيه، لتضيف لوجهه بريقا لا تخطأه العيون

المظهر الغجرى الحاد الذى تتحدثين عنه، ما هو الا خطوط الطبيعه البكر، بكل عنفوانها وجمالها، وبراءتها التى لم تمس بعد

وكما قلنا، يبقى المعيار لروح الشخص، ومدى نقاء عقله وقلبه

تحياتى لك وللعزيزه ناردين

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dear simple Girl

thanks dear for passing by, and sharing your thoughts with us

i have passed by your lovely blog, and made a vote ...

hope to see you again

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dear shankoty

:) your comment makes me smile
you are right, life force us to put masks that hide our innocence

maybe cause we need to protect it from the evil outside

hope you can see thru your freind's mask, and never be disappointed

thanks for passing by, an always waiting for you

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dear He&She

Thanks dear, i am glad you like my words this time :)

waiting always for you

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dear Mirage

life has been taking me; consumed a large portion of my mind, thus my thoughts .... i was afraid i wont be able to write again

but ... i am back ... and i am glad i did

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dear Finding Mimo

i like i when u said:
"innocence is like every thing else that goes with the laws of relativity, it could lose it's path but it will remain in the subconscious"

your comment has raised a point that was hidden from me; although i beleive in relativity of matters, but i never applied it on innocence...maybe cause i beleive that innocence is one of the rare things that if gone, cannot be claimed back

but now with your words, u highlighted a new aspect of it

thanks again for sharing your valuable thoughts,... and waiing for you always

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dear cherif

in despite of everything that i dont like about Egypt... but i hardly can deny the fact that i am in love with this country ... and i beleive that Egyptiana show well my identity... the true egyptian identity, where multiple civilizations and cultures are fused to make a unique personality

i checked both your gallery and blog... i find them both interesting :) but need some rawa2a aktar ...

my best regards to you, and wish tosee you mre often

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dear Ahmed

Thanks for adding me to your blog list... and i see that you have a good idea that i fully support