October 03, 2007

The Life Story

Our lives is woven with words that make one long story

The story is made of many many flowing chapters

Every chapter has a beginning and an ending

Through those chapters, our days flow… our fate is sealed… our future is drawn

Some chapters may glow with love and beauty… spread all the good feelings to bless the other chapters, and even affect the next chapters to be better, to be written with butterfly wing, and flower juice… carries the song of heaven, and the sweet taste of happiness.

Alas such chapters are short… never last… and the impact never sustain time

Some other chapters are seen as mistakes, where you can smell smoke and fire… taste blood… listen to cries and sounds of battles… such chapters pour darkness around and ruin any attempt for survival

Alas such chapters are long long longer than time… always last till the last breath… you can find its traces on all the coming pages… yes it may fade away, but it will always be there

Some chapters are just a separator between two chapters, draw an end, and open arms for a beginning

I have lived a story, a dark painful story, that spill its darkness over the pages of my book… ruin any attempt for good… my story back to me... and thing end up by emphasizing on one fact: My Happiness Never Last… and pain will always come from any corner to ruin it

That is my strange idea for the day

Which chapter you have lived and impacted your life until the day of reading those lines.

“Anyone would run away from your story”

words that pierced my heart, and after them I will never be the same.


Askandarani said...

reminded me of a great song, for even a greater artist hassan el asmar, ketab hayati. would like to share the lyrics.
كتاب حياتى ياعين
ماشفت زيه كتاب
الفرح فى سطرين والباقى كله عذاب .. عذاب عذاب عذاب

أوراقه هم وآسى ...والحبر من دمعى
الحبر من دمعى .. من دمعى .. ياعين

كتاب حياتى ياعين
ماشفت زيه كتاب
الفرح فى سطرين والباقى كله عذاب

كتاب حزين كله مآسى... تأليف زمان غدار آسى
الفرح سطر غلط مكتوب لما الزمان كان يوم ناسى
مكتوب فى أول صفحة واحد غريب وآدى حياته
هايعيش حزين ويسيبها حزين
امضاء زمن وتحياته وتحياته
كتب الزمان جواه همى من غير ما يرحم ويسمى
كتب عليا البكا والنوح وهان عليه دمعى ومى

كتاب حياتى ياعين
ماشفت زيه كتاب
الفرح فى سطرين والباقى كله عذاب

haiiiiii, u have a long vacation ahead, ENJOY it

Arabic ID said...

Dear Egyptiana

I can read the stroy in another way

the spoiled moments and hard times are strong stoens thrown on us, do't try keeping holding them.. just put them down and stand over it, this will make you see things better, and even know where to be your next step.

even if you thought again you will find that the called black stories built from glowing moments, that were shining once in our life..., or what do you think??

but the may be called sad stories , and the must be blacking our life stories and we have to run from it and deny its happening is when we decived our selves and claimd things that weren't ours and call ourselves in names that we don't deserves, in general e\when we act shamefully and in an evilish habits

or what do you think??

Mirage said...

Actually i havent lived this chapter till now

But i'm still waiting

Anonymous said...

dearest miss egyptiana

im always in a state of thinking about my life story and people i have come across throughout my life.

im sure they shaped the personality im at the moment

i cant say i regret every love story i have lived or any beautiful moment i have enjoyed with any of my exs but u know when a story ends u start blaming yourself(maybe i wasnt good enough)it is always like this we usually start by blaming ourselves before the other party

in each and every story i have lived i tried doin my best to ensure its success but sometimes things get out of hand and u cant help seeing the end comin

i have to admit now that i thank each and every person that has entered my life,maybe also those who caused some hurt cause they made me appreciate what im living at the moment and know the difference between the past and the present

thank u miss egyptiana for raising vital issues here and allowing us to interact with u

kol sana wenti taiba ya gameela:-)

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dear Askandarani

although i dont agree with calling hassan el asmar as a great artist, but i have to admit that this song was so expressive!

thanks for sharing the lyrics :)

glad to see your nice cheerful comments... wish you happy eid ensha alah

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dear Arabic ID
as usual your comment raise a question and add a new aspect to the idea...

"the black stories were built from glowing moments"

i cant fully agree with that, but it is still right to a great extent ... behind any sad story, there are good moments... but some also can be just the consequences of a bad one!

"the black stories occur when we deceiv our selves and claim things that weren't ours and call ourselves in names that we don't deserves"

still i cant fully agree, but still you are right!

in certain cases one just blind oneself, with beautiful words and promises that enchant one's mind

but you cant be cruel in your judgment dear, humans are slaves of their ears... weakness we have inherited .. only when we stop such an habit, our eyes will see clearly

thanks for sharing your thoughts, have a good day

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dear Mirage

Long time no see
wish you are ok

you are still young dear, and soon enough you will live many chapters that you hardly thought they would be written in your book

hope the happy glowing ones are longer, and much more than the dark ones

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dearest Agenda

we are the outcome of our own experiences ... both dark and light leave marks that make us us ...

i totally agree with you
the point is , if some stories are not that painful ... pain sometimes kill the cells and make us loose our feelings of humanity

may god forbid such hard times
thanks for passing by sweety,and your most appreciated interaction

kol sana we enty tayeba