September 24, 2007

Changing Seasons

Hearing the mysterious knocks of fall… smelling its faint scent that didn’t take full control over air yet, but just send messenger of cool breezes that play with our senses, and dance a secret dance with the trees; fill my eyes with the sight of white cottony clouds, which hide the heat of the sun to gently shade our mortal bodies.

All this make my heart ache… for no specific reason but the eager to meet fall again… and enjoy its beauty that exceeded any other season… though I have good feeling toward other seasons, but fall is always my favorite

That raises a question; What do I love about each season?!

mmm let me see

If I start with winter:

  • I was born in winter; in the incomplete month… the coldest among all winter months … and the weirdest among all months… of course you have guessed!!! FEBRUARY,
  • I love gray skies, from which I can see the true face of the world, hear angels’ cries, and bless my being with their tears “Rain”.
  • It is better to be sitting under blankets with a cup of hot chocolates; than sitting half naked in the AC!!! Sinus problem :(
  • The chill that turn our face and fingers numb! And make us appreciate our senses.
  • Abandoned streets
  • Winter clothes are more elegant
  • Magic about Master winter: he is cold yet send warm feelings to our hearts… for the cold weather let people tend to be closer to each other, looking for physical and emotional warmth, and appreciate the good company
  • Favorite place in winter: ALEXANDRIA


  • In which the songs of virgins in the hidden temples fill the being
  • Smells of fruits and heavenly flowers… clear blue skies… and trees start to wear all kinds of blossoms and colorful leaves
  • Enjoy the youth of the sun… with its shy light and heat
  • LOVE… LOVE… LOVE is in the air
  • All creature but humans are happier in spring, and as I value nature so I am happy for them too… even the sparrows songs are better
  • In spring, a high degree of harmony and union with nature elements can be reached… feel yourself in the sea… or sitting on green grass… touching tree trunks… smell the scent of flowers and roses and fruit’s trees… and listen deeply to the leaves and cool breezes
  • Still wintery clothes, with summer shades… they call that demi season
  • Favorite place in spring: Gardens


  • The SEA… jump in water and feel it penetrating your cells… wash you from inside…let go all darkness, and fill your emptiness with its holly secrets
  • I like the festivals of Poseidon, and river nymphs :) but that another story that I will write about in the diaries :D
  • Favorite place in summer: The Sea, & my Room


  • Sweet November
  • All good things happen to me in fall
  • In fall all feelings are balanced … away from winter depression, spring romance, and summer enthusiasm
  • Can reach a higher degree of spirituality and self exploration during the holly days of fall
  • The nature is letting go their own past … and start a journey to begin a new chapter in their life
  • Sweet sadness in the air … true feelings in the hearts… freedom of the soul
  • The elements of life express themselves greatly
  • I enjoy the festival of the Earth goddess, and wood nymphs :)
  • Favorite place in fall: My world, me, and myself

Seasons are like me, or I am like seasons, doesn’t really matter… we are both unstable with NO single mood… That may seem a negative thing, but in my opinion it is a bless

So… time to change the season… time to change the mood… time to change the face of my earth, my world, my life.


ياسر مدني ...دينامو الإخوان said...

لصاحب المدونه وكل زواره
أدعوكم لإبداء الرأي والمشاركه في فوازير رمضان الإسلاميه بعنوان خلق وصحابي

Mirage said...

a perefect selection for the winter is Alexandria

it's my favourite place too in the winter,

Alexandria is really the pride of the winter.

Arabic ID said...

I love the sadness of winter, I hate the loudness of summer, and the whole meaning of getting exposed and spotted every where by the light of the sun,
I love the searching for worm in the winter, and the most thing I love in summer, is the memories of the winter which appears in a cold gentel wind passes on my face in a hot day

regards to your Good post, I was also born in winter...

Anonymous said...

dearest miss egyptiana

another impressive post by you:-)

i 've always been a big fan of the winter season,although i was born during summer(august)u know the top hottest month of the year.
like u said it is better to have a warm cup of nescafe under the blankets instead of being half naked infront of the AC:)

maybe i dont hate summer fully,but until the weather becomes less hotter than it is nowadays ,im gonna stick to winter:-)

reading what u wrote about each season,sure will make me rearrange my thoughts and maybe love the rest of the seasons.

it is always nice and enjoyable reading what u write miss egyptiana,it is not a compliment,it is the truth,like your blog is so very different from every other blog i visit and that what makes u special among other blogs,with a unique personality of your own

thank u for your beautiful post and best regards to u my dear:-)

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dear Mirage
i never saw beautiful winter such as in alexandria ... the anger of waves, sweet cold weather mixed with passionate rain

cant wait for winter :)

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dear Arabic ID

you are rigt, winter memories are what cool us in hot summer days, thought i love the sea and the feeling of water and clear skies

winter born are the most sensitive :) it is shown in your words dear

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Sweet Agenda

you were born in the hottest month of summer, and i was born in the coldest month of winter "Feb."

extrems are good lol

thanks for your lovely words dearest agenda , they really encourage me to write more, and wrie better

my warmest regards to you sweety