November 18, 2014

Why did you stop writing

An anonymous sent me a message in time that I don't know
He was asking... Wondering...
Why did you stop writing

I discovered this message by mere coincidence... As much as it brighten me to know that someone is still reading me  ... As much as it lefts me gloomy and unable to think but in this question

Why did i stop writing

Well...It is complicated

I have always denied my unique nature.. My dreamy self.. My magical being
Always dreamed of a simple peaceful normal life

God was generous enough to grant me my wish... But nothing is free my friend... I had to pay dearly... I had to sacrifice my old self... Give up what use to make me ... Me ...

And here i am
A wife
A mother
A simple normal housewife
A dream that came true

Overwhelmed... Taken... Devoured by life .. Simple life.. Normal life... Routine life
Don't get me wrong my friend... I am happy

After a long miserable ill secure disturbed life... I found happiness ..peace.. And security

Ohh but
I am a human
I miss mystical me... The land of magic and mysteries in which i lived once.. The songs of the nature ... My pinky cloud in the world of ghosts and magic

Now i am trying ... But barriers and obstacles and chains are pushing me away... All what i can now iss to wish and hope and pray .. That one day... Maybee one day... I ll visit my old land again

My strange idea of the day
I am a human being ..

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