November 18, 2014

Back .. Maybe

Since April 18th 2011, I didnt write a single word in my precious blog ..
I occasionally find some comments from ANONYMOUS who i think i vaguely know who they are!! 
I reply
then I forget

one of the comments was a question... why did you stop writing??
this question pierced my heart ... deep .. and hard

for me writing was life... i lived within my words .. my dreams .. my ultimate imagination... and suddenly i stopped .. i vanished from the world i created upon this rare pinkish cloud in the world of ghosts ..

why did you stop writing ...
O! Anonymous ... how those words burned my soul and brought cold tears to my eyes 

for me writing was life ... i built a world .. a world of my own .. ruled by my wild dreams .. a world i loved .. and embrassed .. 

from my pinkish cloud  .. i was watching the real world .. sometimes laughing .. sometimes crying ... sometimes happy with my life as it is .. and sometimes envious.

thought i am immune to love .. to life and happiness ... high above all other skies .. in a world that no one can reach without my permission... but.. one day.. i heard a call... it enchanted me to the extent of leaving my own world and dive down to earth .. to normal life ..

one day after the other .. i sink more and more ... and my pinkish cloud in the world of ghost became nothing but a memory

but i have to admit... it was my own choice ..
i chose to be normal.. to live the experience.. to taste the sweetness of love and the craziness of motherhood... i miss writing .. and wish i have time in between my wild scheduel of endless to do's... but this time i am planing for something big.. a book ..

a book about stories .. maybe a long one .. or a bunch of short ones.. maybe in english or arabic .. maybe fairytale like or reality like... i am still deciding .. just have one hope .. that i can make it

My strange idea for today
watching cartoon while blogging is quiet disturbing 


Anonymous said...

ANONYMOUS who i think i vaguely know who they are!!
Welcome back, hope to see more of you.
you are talented in more ways than one:)
congratulations for all the developments in your life.

Nancytronics "Miss Egyptiana" said...

Dear Anonymous
thanks for the good wishes ... and for reading me even when i stopped for long... god bless your days

طارق هلال said...


You know for sure how precious your blog is for me.