April 30, 2008

The Myth and Me

Reading nowadays classical myth from all world nations - as if my own mythical world is not enough - feeding my imagination and senses with beautiful stories, and marvelous explanations of every single aspect in life.

I am not only amazed by the beauty of the myth ... but by the wondrous human mind... that spins this coherent texture of myths, legends, and amazing complicated relations

But actually this is not the reason behind writing this post... it is that while reading each story i find myself in the place of one of the hero or heroine... or even something hidden inside me, but triggered by the story lines

Today I will talk about the GIFTED and the CURSED

Today I find myself in PANDORA "The gifted by all gods" "The cursed by all humans"

Pandora who was made to punish human race for using the gift of FIRE - given to them by Prometheus the TITAN... opposing the will of the gods to keep fire a godly matter, up in the Olympus

Forged by Vulcan, the god of fire... gifted by Aphrodite, Hermes, and Zeus himself... so she became a master peace of all what a woman can be, and all what a man can ever dream of

Beautiful... with a face and body made of moonlight, capture the eyes, and lock he desires to be hers only

Eloquent... with a tongue that spell whoever listen or read her words... her magical words

Curious... seek to know, and reveal the misty clouds that covers the unknown even if it mean her doom - she opened the box where all evil reside... le it go and curse the world of humans, and nothing remain but hope

do i see a similarity here??? GOD... has gifted me as they say... with innocent beauty, expressive tongue, smart analytical mind, and unsatisfied curiosity ... but these gifts became a curse and caused me lots of problems, from which i slip with miracles

as Pandora... nothing left for ME but HOPE... hope things will be better, hope people will open up a little... hope for me to open my eyes on my gifts and exploit them for the good ... hope to believe that i am no freak... and i am just as normal as others

My Strange IDEA for today

I am Legend ... :(


Anonymous said...

Yes EG. you are gifted, beautiful and curious.
Pandora that have the blessing and hope.
And no you are not a freak, you are extraordinarily sweet who is in need for understanding, and that can be attained by transforming the legend into something that the ordinary can relate to and utilize her skills to relate to the ordinaries.for the ordinaries are the gift and inspirations for the extraordiaries.
great... great post egyptiana, keep hope and blessings alive it's the gift that keeps giving.
accept my very best and may God bless you.

Shimaa Gamal said...

And does being a legend is a sad thing? :)

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...


i love your comment cause in simple words you said it all ... but still theoritical, and application is hard

i never tried to use the extraprdinary with the ordinaries... i am just acting with an open heart, and mind... seek peace, and use my gifts for the good of me and others

but still... i am looked at as a freak, although i never tried to show off!!!

it is complicated... but i think as pandora i need to stick to hope, and do what have to to

my warmest regards

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Shimaa my sweet

you know :) arent you the same?!

Arabic ID said...

Dear Egyptiana
and may I be a legend of some kind,
I don't know , legends are about superiority, and I am not a such super thing.
in opposite I am an ordinary, super ordinary :D , I used to be in a middle of all the choices you can't find a good classification or for me, not good not bad, naughty and philosopher, know every thing in concept and don't know anything in particular, not rich and not suffering of poverty, I didn't even learn what I wanted but I work in it,(this is the big mystery in my life)

and so for my whole life,..... oh ..no

I mean in the most of it, I don't know but may be I moderate in this also.

so do you know a legend like me, I think it is the human in all myths.

poor me beside your superiority ;-)

it is a such beautiful topic, I hope my English helped me to explain my thoughts

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Arabic ID :)

i understand you ... and can see what's between your sweet lines :)

but i will disagree with you ... gifted doesnt mean superior... i prefer to say ... special

cause superiority has a touch of arrogance... and that is what i hate even if some say this about me :)