June 10, 2008

The Boy Who Chose to Grow

Peter pan… the boy who lived in Neverland… the magical land
Where everything is beautiful, and… possible
Where all the feelings are fresh and young and … pure
Where the sun's golden rays embrace the flowers and the surface of the blue sea… and the sparrows sing with joy and content over the branches of the trees

But nothing remains the same… change is the soul of life… even if it was for the worst

Peter Pan, the ever young boy… the dreamy… the tender… lived in peace… until his shadow slipped in the real world… was struck by its charm… its fake colorful face… and went back to Neverland to tell peter pan about it all :

*it is a different world… where everything is real
-but it is also real in here… it is our land
*no it is not… even its name … NEVER land… the land that never and will never truly exist
-but we are happy and free
*we will be happy and free too… we will do everything we want… and others will highly perceive us… we will be men… not just boys.
-but… we are magical boys
*still boys … you have to grow up… be a man…I am going there … if you want to join… you know where to find me

The shadow left… and Peter pan was torn apart … between his desire to remain ever young… to live in his own world… to enjoy peace and magic… and between his shadow's desire to grow… and become a man

The shadow was pulled inside the whirlpool of life… taken deep and deeper… responsibilities and duties… peter pan couldn’t suffer any longer… he wants to be whole again… so … he surrendered and … chose to grow

He chose to leave Neverland… and live in the real world
He chose to be a man … and loose connection with the child inside

Still a part of him cries for Neverland... but … he managed to silence it

And that was the story of the boy who chose to grow


I know it is not easy to live in two worlds… I know what it means to live something and feel something else… and I have to admit that I complained about it many times.

I tried once to grow … to be a woman and follow my shadow… to detach myself from the magical Neverland of my own creation… but I couldn’t manage to stay in the real world for long

Why being a man/ woman means to loose connection with our Neverland?
Why chose to wholly grow?
Why detach ourselves from the only place where we can breathe… and fly free?
Why life has to be tough and dry… while we have our own space of beautiful magic… why loose the dream… anything in life started with a dream

My fellow dreamers… don’t grow up… don’t loose the connection with the child inside… with the world we truly belong to… with magic, and beauty

:( Peter Pan… I wish you come back

My strange Idea for Today

I will not Grow Up

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Shimaa Gamal said...

Amen to that :) I won't grow up too.
Neverland isn't my history, it is my chosen destination. It the place where people will do the right thing, in the right time.
I will keep the child inside, the child who believes in miracles.

You know what, life itself is a dream we waste by thinking too much of what does it mean in the time we are supposed to enjoy it the way it is.