June 19, 2008

Today's Thought

I feel like writing and writing ... about many things and different things that covers all my life aspects... I wanna rewrite my CV, a good cover lettre, my book chapters, deeper thoughts ... I even think of sending topics to specialized magazines

My finger tips aches for the lettres, for the keyboard ... and my mind is ready to spill all its thughts :)

I also feel like learning something new... and guess what i choosed ?!


some people would say this is nonsence, and some others will be reluctant and say maybe why not... but i read once that tarots were used to carry hidden messages during the times of christian church opression... and i believe that tarot cards carry stories and glimpses of ancient spirits that lived once and knew a lot about this universe and how it works, and the secrets of life !!!

so i decided today to start my quest in knowing the secrets of life

I also decided to start a serie of different writing ... reincarnation

I have spoke to a some freinds about that... and the discussion led me to the possibility of this theory, and that it was not totally denied by religions ... i believe that those inside me are the spirits that stayed from ancient time ... so i will write about reincarnation of me in different lives ... how i was... what i learned... as an attempt to understand me !!! and how i became the one i am !!!

stay around ... for a mysterious time =)

My strange idea for today

I want to Know... I want to Believe

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Leonard said...

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