October 05, 2008

I dont wanna be a WITCH!!!

my friends..
i curse the day in which i discovered the website "Scribd"... and the day i searched for ancient gods materials ... at the day i found a document that greatly attract my interest... the document title is "freemasonry and the hidden goddess"... the document search in goddess worshiping signs in the images of the Freemasons ... and speaking of a matriarchal societies that once lived in peace.

one thing led to the other, and i find myself reading in Taoism, and its holy book tao te ching... the history of Freemasons... the ancient goddesses... archeological discoveries.. tantra philosophy... sacred sex ... and Wicca

strangely i find most of the texts and principles familiar .. too familiar actually.. they are simply materialize my believes in words .. i believed in many of these things even before i know they exist !!

suddenly my strange ideas started to have a meaning... my flashes started to be meaningful ... the voices i hear are true

i am not delusioned as some may thing .. i have just been reincarnated in the very wrong place, with the very wrong people

in another life i was a priestess...

my problem now is that i dont wanna reveal more of my hidden knowledge to myself ... cause i dont wanna practice those pagan rituals... and different magikal spells

i remember a freind of mine told me that when he started to read about these things he got scared .. so he stopped reading and closed all discussions about this matter... he said that sometimes ignorance is a bless... and he called me crazy for thinking about these things

i dunno how to keep myself from doing so.. i feel as if a black hole is sucking me in


my strange idea for today
i dont wanna be a witch
i dont wanna go back to my old self
i wanna be just normal


He and She said...

I absolutely agree with your friend. in some instances IGNORANCE IS A BLESS.
I missed you by the way. Where have you been all the time

Arabic ID said...

Dear Egyptiana

I think you can't turn and go back and throw all what you knew,
you gained knowledge which once it is spoken it becomes unforgettable

you may choose to respect the next page and don't turn it, you may search for your missed life and try to deal with it as if it is someone other life,

you may even continue the steps and learn the spells which may return you to your old life ...,

you may need to close this book and find another lighting material which you may find your self in, or might burn all what you learned in your mind

I hope my English helped me

Askandarani said...

this is the dark side, some of us venture to its door step and retun, others venture it all. it chalenges us.
always remindes me of the ring, how it was calling for its master and how it was fought.
PS. i considered never land as some sort of a dark side,

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

my friend he and she long time no see .. hope you are doing great ... i missed you too dear ...

i have been away ... sucked by reality... but seems that my coming back will be shocking even to myself

you know what... i agree with you and with my friend... ignorance is a bless .. but do i have a choice ..

the motto of my zodiac "Aquarius" is "i know" and unfortunately it means that we seek knowledge even if it means our doom...

will i be doomed if i knew more about these matters... i remember my interest in tarot cards.. i remember my interest in nature.. i remember my passion about pagan religions... and my believe that the ancient people revealed the secrets of life .. which is my aim

the only thing that will save me is to write... i think!!

thanks for passing by :)
and always waiting for me

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Arabic ID my dearest ever

yes it is all my choice .. to go on and have a chance to be the one i was in another life.. or just forget about it and be another one

in both cases i will not be happy
if i turned to my old self, i will be more alienated and things will never be the same again ... and if i burned the bridges and the knowledge inside, i will be a stranger to myself until the end of time

the choice is hard
really hard

thanks for passing by sweety, and your english is perfect :)
be well always

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Askandarani god !! i couldnt believe my eyes .. you are here, and ... COMMENTING

it must be my lucky day :)

i disagree with you.. never land can never be a dark side ... it is where we find peace... it is our innocent dreamy self... it is the real us before being painted with the colors of real life

i am challenged ... by my myself .. am i brave enough to reveal the curtains .. or just runaway ??

i wish you peace my friend with your choice.. be well and keep in touch