October 07, 2008

i wonder!!!

I don't feel ok ...

no no.. it is not the being a witch thing :)... change cannot be that fast i suppose.. it is something else .. something that makes me feel abnormal

it is all about a simple question..why do i feel strange and quiet disturbed when i hear words such as :

- you are the only one who make me feel like a real man
- you make me feel complete

- i feel i know all women by only knowing you

- you are all women

- you are a goddess

- a man can never experience a moment of boredom with you

any other woman would fly till the seventh sky hearing those words ... but i dont

such words make me think.. they make me look inside in a trial to search why a man would say such words to a woman... and why despite of all this ... i have never been lucky in a relationship!!

it is not enough to be beautiful... it is not enough to be intelligent... and it is not enough to be passionate, compassionate and kind to succeed in a relationship

god :) i cant believe what i am writing

if all of this is not enough, so what is enough

if i am every woman... if i am that beautiful and intelligent.. if i am that feminine why for god sake why i am a looser!!


it is midnight already... i think i have to stop asking such silly questions and head to bed... tomorrow is going to be the hardest day ever ... first day to work after ramadan
good night my friends ..

and hey ... answer this question: when a man tells a woman "you make me feel like a real man"? and what he really means with that!!

My Strange Idea for Today

i always meet the right person at the very wrong time

immortal is a dead end


Arabic ID said...

Dear Egyptiana

there is no million napoleon, it was one

you may find another napoleon and he has to be napoleon enough to "hold and insist on" the life beside your majesty.

am I clear?? I hope so...

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Arabic ID my dearest ever

i am not sure i understood you .. but you have said one interesting quote "hold and insist"... it is hard to find a napoleon.. who can invade my territories and claim me as his

i see fear in the eyes of a man ... and i see uncomfort.. cause of the flow of emotions and passion about life that glow from my eyes

it is a curse i have to say

calling me "your majesty" was kinda shocking.. it is one of those words that confuses me

tell me my friend .. how you see me!!??

Arabic ID said...

Dear Egyptiana

actually what I meant by "hold and insist"
I meant that he must be noble, leader, determined, and lover

What I find from your words that life is not enough
for you ..... it is limited?

you want to invade the space of emptiness surrounding this life, you afraid of something..

you know that glowing just remains for seconds, you are searching for shining in order to take over the whole world with just a thought, you let us suffer of our humanity .. just looking to your wings kills any hope in reaching your side..

you draw dreams, dreams gives hope, hope is the next day we will live, so you are giving us life.

all those words are inspired from your writings, I haven't seen you, I can tell a lot about people from their faces..., the look in their eyes , the way they smile, stand, talk
I have to go now,..

Sherif said...

Dear Egyptianna,

It maybe well you're beautiful .. but you are not the most

You maybe intelligent .. still .. you're not the most ..

You maybe eloquent .. decent .. charming .. whatever .. but again .. you're not the most ..

You are on the brink of feeling so arrogant that you only look in the mirror .. whereas you need to look out of the window .. to see people as they are .. to be affected and stimulated by people .. not to judge them ..

The wisdom is that the truth is not what you perceive .. but what others perceive .. do you feel other people?

A quick look through most of your your writings .. you'll always find the word "I" in your blogs .. both

Before .. you showed up in many blogs with your contribution and comments .. now you don't .. few now visit your blogs ..

You know how dear you are to me .. I used to flatter people where it is worth flattering .. now you need advice ..

Please .. live people .. live outside the borders of you .. and get out of your shell .. you have marvellous things to reveal and participate.. buy into people feelings so that they buy into yours

Sorry I had to be sincere and honest .. I only meant to help you answer the question you've placed

I wish you all happiness