June 26, 2009

The Truth about EROS

for those who don't know .. Eros is the Greek name of Cupid .. the son of Aphrodite or Venus .. the god of sensual love who was represented as a little cherub with wings, bow and arrows

until a while ago i thought that eros send love to the hearts of lover...

i was wrong

eros send lust .. and let the bodies burn with crazy desire .. to the extent of dying due to the urge that possess the body, soul and mind

yet.. i was also wrong

cause currently i am reading a book about the love life of the ancient greeks

on the first chapters of this book .. the writer was describing with simple words what eros really means

he is not only the one who unites souls
he isnot only the one who burns bodies with lust
he is not only the one who occupies ones mind with love thoughts

he is all that ... he is the symbole of the complete love

the love that we taste with our bodies, feel with our souls, and understand with our mind

Love.. What is Love??
we claim that we know love.. that we tasted love.. that we understand the core or the essence of love

but the truth is.. we only touched the surface of a deep ocean called love

a deep ocean in which all three holy constituents of our humanity integrates

the body
the soul
and the mind

now thinking of this .. have u ever known love?

My strange idea for today
Body to Body
Soul to Soul
Mind to Mind
Coming soon


marooned84 said...

Sounds like a good read :)

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

:) it is ...