June 08, 2009

The Life Cycle

it is hard to believe reality ... even if it is crystal clear in front of your eyes

beware.. the one who smiles .. walks.. jokes.. work.. live.. is not what she really seems

there is a lot under the skin ... there is an unstable soul... keep changing from one phase to the other ... from the first day light ... until the darkness of the night

and the next day ... start over again

a mix between runaway bride .. and the first fifty dates

they are hardly combined in one personality ... but it happens .. like any unusual thing i am experiencing

someone who cannot be committed to anything in her life even religion; and at the same time has memory problem, in terms of forgetting , and being unable to organize well the different events of life .. past, present, and vision from the future .. interfere together .. and i am in the middle confused

have no shore

lost ship with no shore

i went to the sea asking him to save me

"draw my fears

suck my tears

lock my memories inside your waves"

my strange idea for today

who am i?


marooned84 said...

You are who you dare to be! (how lame, don't u think?)

Arabic ID said...

the whole story is about
to tell from the beginning
it is my circle, I'll never get out
never reached any dream
love is there
all over the circle
but where is the end

I draw another circle of hate
hate to love
love never ends
never come true

hate burns love
love cures hate

and madness come reality
another circles created

and they all got crossed

and I got lost in the middle


it was all about love.

Sherif said...

Confused ?

We're all confused ..!!
Because no one owns the complete reality

Confusion is probably the refresher that pushes us ahead .. and that gives us a new look .. and new approach

Don't stop my dear .. and remember Mr Bush's motto which might say something

"Creative Mess"

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...


it is not like this ... i dare to be any woman ... the point is .. i need to control their appearence

last number known about my personalities is 4 ... and i have no control over them ... they appear when they wanna .. and disappear when they wanna

got it??
thanks for passing by... always waiting for your comments

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Arabic ID

your read me as if i am an open book

love is the reason .. bitterness of love ... overcome sweetness of love .. but i am fighting shadow of hate .. i wanna be back human again

love ur words as usual
and always wait for your warm comments... they make me feel ... i am not alone

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Sherif Dear

My mind aches in times of mess .. i am organized by nature even in reading and eating and writing and having fun.

no one owns the complete reality .. that is also against my nature who always seek to reveal the unknown

i wish i can give a break to my aching mind

miss u