August 23, 2005

Reflections of Mathematics

What are the results of -----(1+1)----- and -----(1-1)-----

Easy question ...Right !!! ...

Well my advice is to think again about your answer

still insisting !!

ok :)

it is my turn now to answer this mysterious question and ........ Surprise you :)

After many calculations, and deep thoughts the result is :

1+1 = 1 & 1-1=1

don't be surprised .... I sure have a point ... A point that carries reflections of mathematics mixed with senses of being a human with a complex set of feelings and endless drops of memories ...

(1+1=1)----- how two become one
the magical potion of life can make this true, love is the name ... when two souls are united, and ready to reach high skies, fall in deep seas, destroy the impossible for just a smile ... only then one added to one become only one and not at all two

(1+1=1)----- how two become one
winds of human complexity can sink the sailing ships of eternal vows : together forever: .....
but ... the question is are we really together ??!! or just moving shadows in the same place, where each is hiding in their inner caves ... what does one add to the other ??!! it is not as it used to be ... feeling of loneliness spread like cancer leaving deeper cuts every day than the other in the sacred body of the relationship ... feeling lonely even when one is added to one ... and the one remain only one ... and that is how two become one ...

(1-1=1)----- how one remains one
According to traditional mathematics if one is substrates by one the result will be --(zero)-- ... and although --(zero)-- is a value of great importance in mathematics, but .... we can never deny the fact that --(zero)-- is nothing ...
The question now is that can all the glorious being of a human Diminish to be zero just because the other one is not around anymore ...
  • Physical wise .. No the one will always remain one
  • Soul/heart wise .. and it is what we are interested about ... Can be both yes and no

yes: the one diminish to zero cause the absence of the other one ... with who dreams were shared ... lands of pleasure and love were conquered ... blossoms of beauty and senses of sun and moon were felt .. Building a new being that is consumed when one is absent

But.. and there is always but ... that is the traditional school of mathematic point of view that doesnt actually comply with the laws of life ...
No : one substrates by one will not give zero ... it will give one ... a standing one ... a fighting one... stand and fight the darkness and loneliness... and become one again ... maybe need to stand a while over the hills of what was once beautiful dreams ... recalling the taste of what the two shared , licking drops of memories falling from the weary mind, but never diminish ... and never fall to the dark zero ... always one .. a standing one .. a fighting one .. and that is how when one substrates from the life of one ... the one remains only one ...

drops of memories ...
Things always depend on how we look at them ... for me ... being added to one .. or subtracted from one .. will always make me one .. i am lonely when he is not here ... and i am lonely when he is here ... but what i know is that I will always be one .. Standing and fighting with heart made of rocks of pain and anger ..
***Dark me***


Anonymous said...

first of all allow me dear to congratulate u on your new section:-)
such a nice and interesting one and little bit different from the way u talk in the other two blogs but still never failed to amaze me miss egyptianna:-)
im sorry for not being able to interact lately with u,i missed this so much belive me ,i wasnt in a good mood to talk that's why but im trying to get myself out of this mood cause i was feelin guilty of not comin here and commenting on your posts which i love really
anyway to comment on this post i must say it touched something inside of me,the minus and plus u did with your explaination had many hidden wisdom within them
i've always belive that when two souls unite they become as one specially when they have same goals ,same thoughts and ideas
they become as one cause they think the same and look at things the same way and more than this even when one is thinking about the other u find the other thinking about her at the very same time it is so amazing and wonderful feeling to feel as if someone is completing u in one way or another
i loved also the last part when u mentioned one minus one is still one and your explaination of things was amazing miss egyptianna
we should keep the wonderful memories alive that's true so it can be our reserve when we r just one whether or not there is someone in our lives ,we should learn to stay strong ,to take care of ourselves not because of the presence of someone in our lives but because our selves r just as important as anyone else in our life
thank u for your wonderful corner and plz allow me enough time to go through all your wonderful posts miss
hope im not talkative but i missed talking with u a lot
best regards dear

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

dearest ever agenda

sensitive people as you are usually depressed... that is our normal daily activity dear, the important thing is that we have to keep doing what we like the most, for it helps

i wont say it will get us out of the depression circle, but i will say it keeps us on the edge ...

i am glad u liked my strange ideas, and my reflections of mathematics ... when i was writing this post, i used lots of logic and hidden meanings ...

a true relation ship is the one in which the two parties are completing each other,while becoming one being with two harmonized souls ...

but... it is important not to fall in my mistake and loose ourselves in the person we love, or else we would turn into a zero, and not one again

ps: memories is our forbidden food of soul dear ..

finally, i want you to talk talk talk ... i love your words :)

Arabic ID said...

dear egyptiana

if it comes to philosphy, then I will talk


no dear , of course 1+1=2 if not then you ignored the kind part, you can't add or subtract things from different kinds, this is called grouping not adding, it is untrue to mention love in a way of mathmatics, 1+1=2 no..., but it is grouping, even one element is a group in it self, and it might unite or cross or differ from the other group,

actually this is for real and it is more helathy

:-D :-D :-D

it is strange thought that I discovered right now, thanks to you.

please accept my regards

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Arabic ID

Glad you read this hidden post ... too old to remember :)

well your logic is so realistic, and play on the differences between the two parties

but for me, i think that each one add to the other, until they dissolve in each other and become one!

love is about living one dream, one life ... one ... and only

thanks for passing by dear... my warmest regards