August 27, 2005

Trapped in my Own Self

What I will say is strange but it is true … myself is setting me up …

what is myself … is it me … or some kind of divine voices that indirectly show me the path when I am lost … can I say it is divine .. I guess yes cause always things go wrong when myself is away … but sometimes voices are evil .. lead me to fake understanding .. it is all about shadows, shadows of moments I lived coming back to me, talking to me ... some are good some are bad … but memories doesn’t talk, they flash in my mind showing me the true face that I missed when I was living them … so they are showing me the path but in a visual way … oh ! but sometimes they are made specially to blind me from seeing what I should see … I want to get out of this loop .. what am I … from what I was made … my mind is in ceaseless circling …

I am trapped in my own self and can’t get out … even the way is blurred and I can’t see anymore … I raise my hand to the sky waiting for the answer of the hidden question about the truth of me and my existence
***Dark Me***


Arabic ID said...

your self;

actions, thoughts ,feelings against your own thoughts, your eternal choice,

I may say that your self lies as an aware witness , he watche all of your acts and happy with some and sad from some, and the most wondring what if I didn't die tommorow, and then remmbers saying what if that victim of this accedint was me.


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dear arabic id

ourselves are very tricky ... they are the other us ... we have to be very careful dealing with them ...

"what if" is a game that i hate, maybe cause i am realistic , maybe cause i like to live the moment as it is

my best regards, and wish to see you always