October 20, 2005

rising sun

I am not a sun ... I know that ... but I wanna act like one ... rise and fill my world with a different feeling .. feeling of warmth ... of light ... of beauty

Weakness and hiding was never me ... and cause of them I was about to loose myself completely in the dark stream of anger and failure of judgment ...

Strong and shining as I was always ... strong and decisive as I was always .. I will be again ...

For me ... and all those who depend on me


Anonymous said...

dear miss egyptianna

such a wonderful post my dear
i dont know why but what u write always touches something within me ,it's like u r speaking softly to my mind
like this wonderful post wanting to be like the sun
i know it is like u want to be the provider of care,wonderful feelings to those around u and maybe this is what i also wish for ,i love helping people and bring happiness into their lives and see a smile on their faces
sometimes weakness like u said plus anger shifts me away from this and it makes me feel so bad about myself for not being able to help people but i always try to get myself out of this negative feelings and rise again
thank u for reminding me of this feeling and thank u for the beautiful post

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

you welcome dearest and let me tell u that if my words speaks softly to your mind ... yours are gently refreshing my soul :)

we are even :)

yuyu said...

I think this is the best article u wrote that dicribe u,since we got closer to eachother i find it real day after day ,u r like a sun but hidden behind the clouds...
u should shine more as u r able and deserve it too

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

beloved ever yuyu
i am so proud being a friend of yours, and i should consider myself lucky for discovering you

you are a sun yourself ... who shine in my life with inspiration and support

and i promise i will do my best to back in the sky again ,... and remove all the awful clouds away