October 21, 2005

baby am amazed by you !!

In my case ... the reason for amazement is the degree that he controls everything in me ... my body, soul, mind, heart ... everything ...

I am really amazed by how helpless I become when I am with him ...

I was never like this .. I am always strong ... tough ... hard ... no one can control me specially my wild untamed mind ... except him

Am I happy ??

Well ... romantic wise, people may say ... wow ... this is great .. it is important that the couple has this effect on each other ... but

Reality wise !! this is terrible .. now I know the feeling of the trapped lion ... strong and has his own will, walk in the jungle spreading respect but ... when he is trapped .. he just lose all that and become another big cat in a cage !!!

It is the same .. and that cause me to have a duality .. with others I am strong and taugh and independent ... do what I wanna, and make people do what I wanna ..

But with him ... I do what he wanna ... I am a tamed kitty !! with no will but his will ... with no eyes or ears but his ..

Everytime I try to leave ... he simply pull my collar and I am back ... and that amaze me ... really baby I am amazed by you

I am trapped in love relationship that I cant understand and cant feel ...


Anonymous said...

dear miss egyptianna
that's the case dear with love and infatuation with another person
we start to lose ourselves and lead a double personality
strong and tough with others but with the one we love we appear so tamed and so weak and so controled
it can have its positive as well as its negative sides
depending upon the person we r giving ourselves to if that person deserves what we r doin or not
misusing what we r offering them or not
it's really amazing as u said dear just losing ourselves and giving everything to the one we love
and we r amazed when we look to the way we r with others and the way we r with the one we love and see the difference but as the quote said in
في روايه ذاكره الجسد
تعرف انك عاشق عندما تبدأ في التصرف عكس مصالحك الشخصيه
بشكرك علي البوست الرائع و علي الكورنر الاروع

الشنكوتي الكبير said...

hi nice post
you know thir is a song for shereen called"انا مش بتاعة الكلام ده"
it just describe every word you said but I want to add something to what agend said maybe it's ok to be soft and tender with our beloved but we shouldn't be week at all because we will never know what is gonna happen tomorow and if he or she turned to be unfaithfull or doesn't deserve our love
we will sure need our strength
be soft and don't be week
آه صحيح شكرا على مناقشتك ليه عند ميراج يا ريت تقراي ردي عليكي هناك

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

dearest agenda

till this moment... and after almost a year... i am still amazed on how much he was controlling my life

which make me wonder is love a good thing after all... loosing myself, and melt in his existence ... i dunno ... the idea confuses me

this corner is an old one... and i am glad u like it

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

dear shankoty

i have committed the usual mistake .. loose myself and my will in him ...

it was a hard lesson anyway, and i hope not to do the same mistake again

thanks for your existence here and there and everywhere and waiting for more of you always

Anonymous said...

my dearest miss egyptiana
im glad u decided to share this old corner with us,seems like u r talented from so long;)

well my dear regarding your question love can be the most beautiful feeling in the whole world and yet it can be at the same time the most painful experience we can ever had
depends upon the two partners of the love relationship
love doesnt mean one has to mask the other's personality
but rather completes each other
as if both melts in each other not one and the other now
keep on writing i like what u write here:-)

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

thanks dearest for your continuous encouragement ...

as i replied to shankoty,,, i made a mistake, and thought that by loosing my will, i would be closer to my one ....

I WAS WRONG ... balance is needed ... and as u said .. we have to melt in each other and become one person ... with one will and one feeling ...

thanks again for everything and waiting for you always