October 21, 2005

What is in a blog

I always wondered what is in a blog!! Specially that I tried so many times to create a blog and couldn't write more than one article or two ..

why people write their diaries and wait for strangers to read and comment on them ??

I couldn't find a good answer for that question ... Except when ...

I started to feel that I have to face myself with everything inside me ...

a blog is my way out to the world .. Without revealing my face ...

a blog is my window inside myself without carrying the burden to be exposed

it is a lot easier to be exposed to a stranger than to someone close ... and I cannot afford that any one I know look inside me ... Why !! Well that is another issue that I will soon write about

so !! Lets blog simply :)


Anonymous said...

why we blog?such an interesting question miss egyptianna
i 've always asked myself this when i started to write and i was afraid i wont be able to come up with ideas and things to write about
one of my friends said ok if u run out of ideas just write about your daily routine but i found that when i let go of my ideas there is no turning back and idea follows idea cause we r always faced everyday with new challenges
i think it is better to expose ourselves to strangers than to close people cause it will be much more comfortable
close people we care about our image infront of them while strangers sometimes it doesnt matter
i blog because i feel like it is my therapy ,letting go of things that is either interesting me or annoying me set me free someway or another that's why i blog that's why i dont think i can stop one day writing although i didnt know i even know how to write
wonderful post as usual miss:-)

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Dearest agenda

you have raised many interesting points here :)

- it is easier to expose ourselves to strangers than closer ones; true and i totaly agree, i find it easier to be accepted from strangers than my family and freinds... the funny thing is that i never care about giving them the address of my blog unless they ask; and when they read it.. they hardly beleive that i wrote this :)

- no one can run out of ideas dear, unless our brain stopped thinking, and our soul stopped feeling

- blogging is my therapy too ... i breath those words, they are what makes me alive ,,, and i thank god for giving me the gift of words

my best regards to you dear