May 20, 2008

10 Things About ME... or About Myself !!!

I have been tagged by Sherif :)

First time ever :) and it is not easy at all ... write 10 things about me ?!

I stopped a lot in front of this tag... you know me, I have to analyse and think and search and look for reason and and and ... but it is truly puzzling ... if it was questions and answers, it would be a lot easier ... but ... it is one statement asking me to dive deep into my known - yet unknown - self .... and tell.

It is not only diving... it is not only a journey to things I rather hide and never face... it is also the act of telling... of revealing... which I never learn before I started blogging ... and even when I am blogging ... I draw stories and situations to explain a tiny feeling ... it is hard ... hard

But I will give it a try anyway ... it has been so long since my fingers spoke to my keyboard and I can consider that as my first attempt for bringing back relations to its normal track

10 Things About ME:

One: Hide in Dreams

I am a dreamer and you know that... I live between the pages of written words and you have noticed... since my early days... books of stories were my Friends... lines were my shelter... spend hours reading... dreaming... building worlds of my own creation... dream... I hide in dreams ... I do face bitter reality... but for a short while... then i go back home to my ... dreams.

Two: Senseless ... Heartless

Tell me beautiful words of love... of passion... of dreamy romance... and i will feel not!!

I loved once, and was slaughtered in the temple of agony and loneliness... a hole in my soul devoured my being slowly but steadily

To stop it... to survive... to live again .... I had to make a defence mechanism... turn my heart into an icy rock ... and my feelings to bars of iron ... locking me inside ... I built a shell around myself... layer after layer... and the more i add... the stronger I became... but the price was too expensive ... I lost my heart, my feelings... and my humanity... became a walking zombie ... but I wonder... like Pinocchio who wanted to be a real boy !! can i ever be a real woman again ?

Three: Cold ... Rude sometimes

If the person is not in my circle of interest... so I consider him/ her invisible

as much as I am so caring with people i like ... i am totally the opposite with others... to the extent of coldness sometimes... i believe that we shouldn't spell our feelings on everyone ... they are too precious and have to be given to those who deserve

Four: Mercy from god... humans can also be merciful

I think that one of the meanings associated with humans is mercy ... mercy for the weak ... for those who are less than us ... for the old... for the young... for the ignorant... for all god's souls even if it is a flower... or a tree .... mercy is a divine act that god try so hard to teach it to humans ... but do they really know that to be merciful means to be human ??

Five: Arrogant ... ME????

They say that I am a little bit arrogant ... and I have to admit that I sometimes give this impression.... but unintentionally ... unless the person him/her self is arrogant :)

I love to have my own space ... I love to have my own circle ... and because I am alienated so I usually don't talk to others about things I am interested in .. it is not my fault ... it is the others

One more thing gives this impression .... the way I walk... the way I look ... my nose are always facing the sky... my back is always straight... i walk on one line... like a queen ... like a goddess :) but natural ... no fake

Six: Stubborn... like rocky mountains

That is one thing I hate about myself ... cause it sometimes ... well usually cause me problems ... but I have a very good reason behind this ... my stubbornness is fed by my principals .. which are impossible to be changed unless you have a very very very very strong logic that may convince my mind

Seven: Blind Believer

God... the mighty... the merciful... I blindly believe in you

you give and take with unknown wisdom ... but I know deep in my heart that all what you do is for the good.

Eight: Multi-cultured ... Multi Faces

I was born in el sayeda zeinab... lived in haram... went to french school... mingled with people from different social classes ... I can be any ... and I can belong to any social class ... simple or sophisticated... I can be anyone... I can put on the dress of any woman... full of contradiction that I hardly can explain ... but i am learning how to deal with them

Nine: Hardly use artificial colors

I don't wear makeups ... and if I do ... I only put few lines ... I do that in purpose for I don't wanna attract attention to me ... I have simple peaceful innocent face lines ... not baby face ... a woman's face ... like the nymphs and goddesses drawn in Renaissance time ... and from innocence rise sexiness

I don't wear makeup for I have natural colors ... my skin reflects lights and glow like moon light ... my eyes are golden with rays of green... my cheeks are red naturally... my lips are rosy sometimes purple ... so tell me, why would I wear makeup?!!

Ten: See the Unseen ... Break the unbreakable

I am psychic, and possess a high level of transparency... I can see signs from god in everything around me ... and when I look into thee eyes.. I can tell what's inside

some of my dreams are symbolic .... and when I interpret them ... they happens ..

I know things ... people look at me with wide eyes and ask me how you know ... my answer is ... don't ask me... I just know ... my mind... my soul ... I know

I met men like mountains... they can manipulate whoever ... and impose their will on whoever... they tried the same with me ... but never succeeded ... the mountain is broken ... and washed away to unknown seas

Eleven: My Mind ... My Life :)

I appreciate my mind ... and I appreciate my principals ... and insulting them can never be forgiven ... so when dealing with me you have to be extra clear like water... I am smart enough to recognize lies, and hidden agendas :) so no need to play mr /mrs smart... cause I play dump but I understand everything going around

Twelve: Nature is my religion

I love nature ... every single tiny aspect of nature ... I love trees and flowers and clouds.. I love moonlight and twinkling stars ... and green glass... and fresh air... sea and waves and little colorful shells ... I love nature... yes I do

wow i wrote 12 thing not just 10... didn't expect that

My strange Idea for Today

You Still can Never Know Anything about ME!!

Send this tag to the following dear friends (if they didn't do it yet )

Shimaa Gamal




Agenda Hamra


Sherif said...

Playing weird doesn't mean kind of smart

Playing clear is comfortable to oneself , friendly and trustful

Feel not .. means "I long for feeling" but .. of course .. not yet

Falling in love once does never mean you'll not fall second time if not probably third. There is no such closing decisions in love affairs .. and when you do .. your heart will turn into a little piece of mousse chocolate .. not only an ice rock ..

Multi faces means you have a rich personality .. but not wearing makeup reminds me of your touch of arrogance .. even the most beautiful women on earth wear makeup ..
Did you say why ??? because they like to highlight their charms ..

Psychic .. yes you might be .. do you rely on this in some of your decisions ?

We'd better lean to our hearts .. than minds .. it is always easier to foster people this way

Nature .. is another synonym of All mighty .. God .. used by people who do not admit

This is really comprehensive .. and impressive too ..

Thank you very much

Shimaa Gamal said...

"You Still can Never Know Anything about ME!!"

It takes lifetime to get to know someone. People might die without knowing every aspect of a person.

Between you and me, even those who get to know us the most will always miss the other side, the unexplored face of the moon :)

Glade you finally wrote, and now I have to start writing myself :)

Arabic ID said...

Dear egyptiana

I saw nothing but opposite of what you said

no iron and ice, it is a burning heart, protected by aggressive eyes and denying thoughts, they might be breached when the fear is killed, or when you feel trust in someone

I Saw the dreaming shelters you hide in, but I think that dreams are the true about us, our weakness and our strengths are displayed in our dreams with no lies

and not ever senseless, you may go to last part of your sayings, this is the opposite

I can tell more about you:

your pride makes you stubborn and rocky

your kind heart is well protected by your cold and rude reactions

your dreaming mind allows you to get behind the words, the looks and expressions and get to the hearts it is in front of you , telling its all.

you wish to go to the deep sea, and feel the cold water and find through the darkness deep in it that pearl which will make your wishes become true and you may not thinking how to get back,

dreams....means that you understand this life very good and it is at your command any time..?

thank God I am not like mountain, I am like cloud suffers from the sun but give the shadow and water to the others, this relies just on where the wind pushes me to?

if any of what I said is true, you may ask how did you know?, just with your answer , "don't ask... I just know"

;-) :D


Xero said...

heheh .. that's one hell of a mix to have :) .
weird though :D
Thanks a lot for the Tag, however already did it a while ago ..
here is the link :

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Sherif ... my father

- playing weird is not smart, but when you are condemend from people around, and see a certain look in the eyes ... gradually you believe you are ... remember "in the eyes of the beholder"

- clarity is the shortest way to reach targets ... and i am an extreamly direct person... i like straight lines ... i dont have time to waste on curves and zigzags

- i feel not ... i dare not to feel :) how about that as a better interpretation

- love love ... a myth or a true feeling ... i believe in absolute love... the meaning... the theory... but not the practice!! as i said before i dare not to feel, i dare not to love again ... and i think that even if, i have to be extra careful... walk slowely... i dont wanna feel pain again

- arrogant ... ME?! again i dunno how you can see that in me ... as i said i dont wear makeup cause i dont wanna attract attention ... cause i do ... i really attract attention ... so i prefer to be a pale picture of a woman, than one with fresh colors ... hiding hiding is my way of life

- yes... while taking any decision i think a hundred million times, and ask my flying soul ... for example ... if in a certain situation everything seems so right, i still will not go unless i feel inside comfortable .. and have signs to do so

- i disagree... leaning on hearts put it in danger... my heart has been broken several times, and i insist on keeping the few remaining shatters

-nature is my religion, and thanks for telling me that tere are others who believe in what i believe in ... but ... the difference is that every aspect of nature reflect the spirit of god... and i always relate it to him

thank you for tagging me :)

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Shimaa Shimaa

dont say it out loud ... dont let the others know about the unexplored face of the moon ... it is fragil ... yet strong ... it is hidden ... yet its existence is so

they can never know... and even those who enter the secret chambers of the deep inside self ... will hardly go out unharmed

why do i feel that we r so so so much alike ... the feeling is getting stronger lately??

Shimaa Gamal said...

My Dear :)
I spotted that we are so much alike from day one :) Thanks God I got to meet you in the perfect time to know that if I am so much alike with a wonderful person like you that means I am consequently as wonderful :)

ya3ny :) at least wonderful in a way ;)

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Arabic ID ... My Dearest

if any of what u said is true ?? if any ??? well i am not afraid to admit that what you say is true in a way

and what i wrote is true in a way
and that is a part of the contradiction i live in, that sherif calls richness of oneself

- fear is a major component of my life ... i dont remember that i was like this when i was younger... now i added to my courage in facing matters a touch of wisdom that makes me think well and assess the situation before i threw myself in the middle of the battle field... in another word ... FEAR

a relationship can be a battlefield... that is what i learned ... few roses and lots of plans to keep the garden of love safe and unharmed

- sure i have pride ... but it doesnt blind me... when i am wrong ... i admit it

- my kind heart is wounded .. and wishes for a cure ,,, fragile ... and looks for protection... i have to be like this ... i have to

- i depend so much on the words ... The eyes ... the energy that emerge from the person to reveal what's inside... but sometimes i am not happy with that ... cause i realized how complicated others can be

- i know, and that is a curse... or a bless... but knowledge for me is essential no matter how much it costs me... as u said ... i dont think about the way back ... that is another journey that i will think about when i reach my taregt

- u think that life is in my hand ? under my command? maybe... after all i have the choice and i live the consequences of them

- you ... you are like gentle morning dew ... fresh and pure ... god bless :)

you know .. you belong to where i belong ... Regards

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Shimaa blush blush blush ... well and if i am that wonderful and we are alike ... so you are amazingly wonderful hehehehehe ... a circle of wonder that has no end :D and .... no begining :D:D:D

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

xero dear

and what we are but a strange mix :D:D

this is the simplest and most accurate fact of life ... i read yours by the way and i am .... surprised :) but i will comment at your blog

cya there :)

Xero said...

surprised ! in what form exactly .
plus , being surprised about a person is always a healthy thing .
how boring ppl will become if they are all predictable