May 23, 2008

Between Ideology and Dream

It was Friday morning
The most peaceful morning in the week
Sun... Silence... Whispers of trees... and Songs of flying birds
Sweet soft breezes... show themselves in shyness

and me
and myself

Thinking of a passing phrase in a tv show :

"Ideologies Separate US .... Dreams Bring Us together"

You know me... you know how these things echos in my mind ... you know how happy i am to listen to the truth said by a mortal tongue .. the victory of dreams over reality... and spirituality over materiality

Few words said it all

Thoughts of minds and physical ideas separate humans... create conflicts... plant hatred... you know how religious obsession can do ... gender discrimination... educational levels... sexual ideas... all what has to do with following human ideas ... yes human ... for god is love... and love is the core of life... and life is about peace... peace inside with the oneself and outside with the others

Dreams... things you cant touch... you cannot see in the day light... you cannot smell ... non materialistic ideas ... flowing thoughts of souls... hope... wishes... prayers .... they are what bring humans together

This is how god created us

Humans are doing all what they can to despise their spirituality, and dress it with stupid reality
the bond with dreams... with other worlds and other lives ... the bond of the inner you.... of unknown universes... of the nature around

They call it dreams
They call it spiritual
I call it life

My ideology is that the whole universe is one big place
and we are free souls to travel around ... only if we give ourselves a chance to do so
It is not about materialistic feelings
It is about what your spiritual believes

So fly free
and let your ideas run around nature...

my strange idea for today

I love dreams ... I wish i was a Dream... in a Dream... and From a Dream


Shimaa Gamal said...

I love dreams ... I wish i was a Dream... in a Dream... and From a Dream

Amen to that my dear

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Shimaa my dear

i beleive that dreams is the building block of the human mind... the raw material of thoughts and creative ideas... the essence of hope and wishes ...

dreams dreams

without dreams ... this world would have been gray ...

amen to that again and again

my warmest regards and wishes for a beautiful sunny, but cool morning :)

Arabic ID said...

Dear Egyptiana

I think because the life is already occupied so you have to struggle to obtain a space for yourself, but in dreams it is open life, you may build your own world and have others complete this dream with their thoughts, no problem, it is free ...

but you may kill their dreams if you didn't like their rules or directions

I wish to be a breath of peace and calm which reaches every person on the earth, everyone deserves a such breath at least once a lifetime


Monaliza Smile said...

i really adore ur blog soo much

warm regards