November 18, 2008

It is Autumn

i wrote before about my dreams... usually they are of the exhausting type... suck my energy.. and leave me weary..
lately i am exposed to a set of "Dreams that carries a message"... this use to happen to me from time to time ... but since the beginning of this week... i am having them on daily basis

every day a dream
every day i see symbols
everyday i receive a message ... from god maybe .. from my inner self maybe ..
I cant say they are all bad .. but they are so exhausting .. so so so exhausting ..

my soul leaves my body every night ... roam in worlds of dreams .. fight.. cry.. kill .. die .. die .. die
years ago i thought myself a principal ... and a rule about expectations
the rule is simple : don't expect, and if you do .. always expect the worst

i am not pessimistic ... i am realistic

nothing good comes from life .. or those who live in it...
Music and Nescafe
they share one characteristic ... i am addicted to both!!

i hardly take of my ipod earphone ... and i hardly stop drinking nescafe during the day

both are slow killers

music is killing my sense of reality... my gate to runaway
and nescafe is killing my stomach.. and my brain... make me thin (which is cool lol )

I don't care:

i don't care if i lived
i don't care if i died

i don't care if i am happy
i don't care if i am sad
i don't care if i am real
i don't care if i am a ghost
blank .. silent blank space ..
sweet sad November ... my favorite month ... the time when angels call for peace

ending .. finally .. one of the lousiest years of my life

my name is the research dept. ... true .. as there is only one person in this dept. and this person is me..........................LOADED

My Strange Idea for Today

Isn't what you read strange enough !!!


Arabic ID said...

stranger than what you said is

how the clock counts our ages ...... condescendingly

how such drawings called letters reflect our feelings

I think in opposite to you, Nescafe is the poison from reality ... music is the drug for this poison,
you take some poison and in the same time cure it by your medicine of music ... ;-)

blank.. I tested this once.....

hello Research dept this is System dept speaking

I am over loaded.... I am starting having physical complains because of this, and on the psychological side.. I might get mad some day and kick the servers from our seventh floor.

in this whole madness, my only relief is having your words and the other beloved bloggers.


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

magic ... what makes the words alive ... to the extent that you can taste ... smell ... touch

suspended between worlds of reality and dreams

you.. me.. the world .. the universe .. flames .. winds .. streams ... mud

i am losing my senses with the real world .. and i like that :) for the first time !!