November 12, 2008


Tabitha is the name ..
i dunno who she is .. she is no blogger ... she is just a passer by

i found her sweet comment today ... as usual touched the hidden dream in me ...

on the post "let it rain" she commented with 4 words "People should read this" ...

reading her comment draw a smile ... and send me to dreams ... to remember others who have the same opinion

one conclusion
i have to release my words.. to the whole world .. even the vast virtual space we all live in is not enough ..

knocking on the gates of my dreams
i wish to be a writer ...

but i am afraid

i fear failure

i fear ......... realizing the dream

fear is sealing my senses

and left me wordless and dreamless

people beleive in me.. but how about me!!!


i fly .. i fly
so high ... so high
but i face a ceiling

to the right ... to the left
sealed windows and doors

i fall .. and fall
and take my words with me
hide them inside
and dream that one day we will be free

My strange Idea for Today

i stopped calling myself a blogger... a writer...

or anything that has to do with words


Sherif said...

But you are a blogger .. and a writer too ..

A blogger whose words all people should read ..

I believe in Tabitha

Arabic ID said...
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Arabic ID said...

Dear Egyptiana

I can't wait to have a book of yours


Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

we talk and talk .. and agree on things .. and i end up doing nothing

maybe i have no motive
but i believe in what tabitha said too .. yet i dunno the path to realize my dream

you know ... you remind me of a man who is standing in a long dark road with a lamp .. smiling and assuring to cross it

what more do i need
i have the support of my beloved ones .. i just need to be brave and walk that little mile

Miss Egyptiana "Trapped Soul" said...

Arabic id

you make me blush blush ..

and i cant wait to have diwan of yours :D:D