July 22, 2009

Behind the Stone Face

I know a girl who knew many men in her life .. as a result of her exposure and life style

some were freinds

some were loving her madly .. but unfortunately ... from one side

and few she felt they worth trying with ... but end up with a complete rejection from her side

all that is practicaly normal .. during the course of our life .. we kow people that we categorize under the previous categories

but this is not why i am writing this ..

the pattern i have spotted through her stories has attracted my attention... :

"She mainly attracts men with brain ... with power ... with strong existence in life ... those who are loved and feared and greatly respected"

and behind their stone face .. she could find the most tender loving heart .. and transform the rocky feelings into a stream of water to the extent of writing her poetry .. and make them melt in an endless status of adoration and lust that can never be satisfied but with her

Man .. this simple yet complicated creature

what can ever touch the heart of a man with the previously mentioned qualities??
that is the question that i asked her several times, and i got nothing but a puzzeled smile from her side!!!

as i thought a lot about this matter .. and through reading the pattern of her stories and knowing her personality .. i could reach a one line rule

be simple .. be passionate .. be natural .. and above all be true .. and the most complicated Man will b yours

a complicated man .. is searching for shelter from the weight of his restless mind and wandering soul ... a shelter fromt he daily fights .. from the fakness that he can easily read through the others eyes

he is seeking his mother in you

a mother who is simple and take anything easily and lightly and make the most complicated issue going

a mother whose love is endless .. and whose passion about the silliest thing her son do is enormous .. making him feel as if he is the best man on earth

a mother who is so natural without any fake feelings .. and with a look like flowers showered with morning dew ... reading his most hidden thoughts .. and reach deep his fears .. washing them away

a mother who is true in everything she does .. and beleives in everything he does

mystery of life ... revealed

My Strange Idea for Today

I am a Mother


Anonymous said...

Why did you stop writing?!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary.

Nan.. The late miss Egyptiana said...

because no one is reading any more

Anonymous said...

here I'm reading!

Miss Egyptiana said...

hehhehe you know what .. cause of that .. i will write again ..

and my first post is about

the magic of being TWO

Anonymous said...

Good to know that you are laughing and seems very happy. God always bless "the magice of being two" :)