July 01, 2009

From within

today, while i was gong home, the taxi driver suddenly started to shout pointing to a car ... saying "chinese... chinese"

and then he started to complain about the flow of chinese and korean cars .. and his wishes to have an egyptian car to be proud of

he talked about the youth who wish to work ,,, and can do cars even better than this one,,, but they are just waiting for the chance

all of this is normal .. and many people agree with this man

but i don't ...

the problem in our country is that we are always waiting for someone to draw us the way and then we follow it ... ignoring our inner force .. and hiding our courage

i wonder why not a bunch of Friends start on a small project ... even if it means to work with their own hands ??? some do .. but the majority is still waiting for someone to push them forward

this is how we were raised .. and this is how we will never be but a developing country

my strange idea for today
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